Marissa Mayer Stands By Yahoo Like The Hopeful Wife of An Alcoholic

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Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer is in the news again. This time she is announcing a new way to integrate advertising with editorial content on Yahoo.

When I saw this article, I took a deep breath and thought to myself, “She’s like Hillary Clinton- standing by her man through thick and thin.” In this case, her man is the train wreck of a company- Yahoo. She won’t throw in the towel. She won’t give in. She won’t concede defeat. Time and time again we see her smiling confidently, implementing something new, making an announcement and smiling through her defeats- all for a company that most have deemed antiquated.

Sadly, when you think of Yahoo, you think of Brittany Spears or Destiny’s Child. What could it possibly take for Yahoo to re invent itself and emerge as a new powerhouse when it is clear that the youth are leading this tech movement?

Mayer doesn’t care. She’s standing by her company like a wife who believes that her husband will sober up one day. She’s taken so many radical steps to improve Yahoo that her efforts alone deserve a round of applause.

 No matter how much we laugh at her efforts, we all still pay attention when she announces something new. Although most people I know haven’t used yahoo email in years, we still turn to yahoo for news and editorial and consider it a respected source.

We watched in amazement as she strategically acquired start ups, dismantled the teams and sent them to work on her company’s projects. We also debated wildly when she asked home based workers to come back to the office.

This woman won’t give up. Less than 2 years after she took the reigns as CEO, the company’s reputation has gotten worse even though she has been steering the company with an iron fist. We look forward to seeing what she does next. If the ship sinks, it won’t be her fault; sometimes there’s an invisible crack that the strongest glue won’t hold.

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