Thoughts On Friendships & Love

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The true love of your life can come in many forms. It could be your children, your siblings or a romantic partner. In order to identify it you can ask yourself, “Who or what makes my heart sing like a first kiss?” There you go. That’s love.

When friends give you advice, it’s because they love you. Even when it’s ‘not so good’ advice, it’s still great to have the type of friend who is willing to listen and offer the advice in the first place.

Sometimes a break up between friends is the best way to learn to appreciate them.

Love can be experienced at any time. There is no reason to feel that you have to wait until you meet your goals. Love will find you, no matter how much you try to hide.

Honest people appreciate honesty. People who play games appreciate mind games. Decide which one you appreciate and you’ll figure out why certain relationships never ‘worked out’. Then go and be at peace.

Try being a fool for love, it makes the BEST stories!

Those who have the courage to be their REAL selves are the ones who experience sincere love.

Love your romantic interest the same way you would love your best friend. Don’t pressure them, bully them or give them ultimatums. Let go of controlling who they are and how they love you and decide to love them anyway.

Your friends will appreciate the special gifts you give them just as much as they appreciate tokens of love from their romantic partner. Shower your friends with love too.

Love is a decision and not an emotion.

Date as though you’re not seeking anything.

A friend is a person who wants to know every detail of your story.

Love isn’t limited in number. We were created to share love. You can love more than one person at once.

Love isn’t a competition. If you truly love someone, you want them to win.

You know you love someone if you can imagine changing their diapers when they’re old.

You’re not unlucky at love, you just haven’t met the person who deserves you yet.

There’s nothing wrong with being the first to say ‘I Love You’. The person who deserves to hear it will be blown away by your courage.

You don’t have to TRY at love. When it happens, there won’t be anything you can do to stop it.

Real love isn’t confined by gender. You feel it. You know it. Go with that.

Sometimes you meet people who provide ‘clues’ to recognize your special someone. No relationship is a total loss because now you know what you like. Look for more of that in everyone you meet. It will lead you to your soul mate.

Most bonds are formed during traumatic situations. Recognize those who cry with you or rush to your rescue. In those eyes, you will experience true love.

Friends are people who know which value meal you like the best.

Love is when you hop in the car headed to your local diner at 3am wearing your pajamas just because your special someone wanted a milkshake.

Love has never been hidden from you. It is just waiting for you to recognize it. It’s right there.

Someone who loves you, thinks the way you smell before you take a shower is “cute.”

Make a list of all of your flaws. You will be loved anyway. I promise.

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