Don’t Grow Your Armpit Hair Because It is Trendy!

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Apparently there is a new fad that I have been trying to ignore. Some woman in China decided to start a NO SHAVING challenge for women to challenge social norms by not shaving their armpits this summer.

First of all. Yuck.

Second of all, My Savvy Sisters do not follow trends, dammit! We won’t be doing it because some stranger said so.

We will take a pass on this one but we will be inspired by her logic which is the basis of the messages My Savvy Sisters teach and uphold.

All of our expectations for life milestones and experiences stem from society and its influence. By society we mean, people who have lived longer than we have who influence us through media and culture and offer us a gauge for the experiences we “should” have in life.

They tell us that we “should” fall in love, have children, be thin, be nice, be pleasant and be humble, and work good jobs for lengthy periods, fighting for a chance to rise to the top of someone else’s company. If we do not experience these things, we are considered failures.

So instead of walking around in the hot ass summer months looking like we are gorilla women, how about we decide we can break one OTHER rule instead.

Decide you will not go to college.

Decide you will not be pleasant today.

Decide you will not settle for a life supporting someone else’s dream.

Decide you will not wait around for a husband before your life begins.

Treat that trendy challenge like we did with scrunchies and forget about it.

Do something more remarkable with your life.

Create your next adventure instead.

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