My Savvy Sister of The Week- Sandi Amorello

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Sandi Amorello is THE woman to watch, helping women to break out of their shells and recapture their perfection by embracing their inner rebel.

Sandi is the creator of GirlScoutDropout.Com, a website that celebrates women who do not follow the status quo. Her mission embodies the spirit of MySavvySisters and we are delighted to profile her as My Savvy Sister of the Week.

1) What kind of women are you targeting with your website/movement?

I’d love to connect women who are obviously already proud of their non-conformity and have a great sense of humor about life…but my real mission is to reach women who have been holding back or even totally hiding their inner rebelliousness and spirit. Maybe they feel a bit embarrassed about it, or are unsure of how to let their genuine wonderfulness shine in the world. I’ve always been proud of my non-conformity, but some women don’t embrace that part of themselves. I’d love to help provide the community of support and encouragement they need, in order for it to be unleashed…to be set free. I want women everywhere to celebrate who they are!

2) What are 3 clear signs you may be rebellious?

If you often feel that you don’t quite fit in with the status quo, often have dreams, aspirations and plans that other people (even friends and family) think are “crazy”…and know in your heart that the American idea of “success” isn’t YOUR idea of success…you are probably a rebel! 🙂

3) Why is it important to embrace your rebellious nature?

I think that each of us has an inner “knowing” about who we are, and what we are capable of becoming and achieving.

No one else knows us better than we know ourselves. If we don’t embrace our true nature, and our rebellious spirit, we are denying the world our true gifts. If we are afraid to be who we are, we can’t inspire others to be who THEY are. And we all lose out.

4) How do you learn to function within society when you know you don’t fit in and you can’t seem to find a place for yourself to prosper due to everyone expecting you to follow the rules or walking away from you when you won’t follow the rules?

I have found that the times I have been most successful are always the times when I have listened to my inner voice, and ignored the advice and negativity of others. Of course, it’s important to have people to advise and help us, as we make our way in the world. We need money, clothing, food and shelter to survive. But having lost my husband, and having been left heartbroken and devastated, with three young children to raise, I know that I can survive anything. And I can live with very little, if need be. As long as I’m being true to myself, and following my heart, I know there is some universal energy that will conspire to help me on my path. I know this to be true, because people constantly cross my path to help me whenever I am following my heart. I’m not imaging it- I have actual experience with this. 🙂

I always ask myself, “What is the worst thing that could happen.” If the answer isn’t “death”…or “terminal cancer”…I go ahead and keep pursing my dream.

5) Who are some of the women YOU admire and why?

Like many of us, I admire well-known women like Eleanor Roosevelt, Katharine Hepburn and Helen Gurly Brown, for their individuality, spirit and determination. But the women I truly admire are those who aren’t “famous”…but who continue to laugh and smile and shine their inner light, even in the face of tragedy, and the myriad of challenges life throws our way. To me, these “ordinary” women are truly extraordinary, and epitomize strength, courage, grace, fortitude and optimism. If you’re not still laughing, you’re not still living.

6) Why choose to be a Girl Scout Drop Out?

Becoming a Girl Scout Dropout is a way to be part of a fun, quirky community of women who truly embrace their inner rebel, or who might be looking for inspiration so they, too, can feel fearless, and follow their dreams. Because it was very important to me that no one be excluded, especially due to finances, so we’ve set up GSD so you can join us on Facebook for free, or buy a membership “welcome kit” and enjoy some of our great stuff. Everyone is welcome, because everyone has something important to share. And who doesn’t needs to laugh more often?

For more information about becoming a Girl Scout DropOut, please visit

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