Moola4Books Blows the Dust Off Your Books With Cash Payout

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Sellers make fast money recycling used books through seamless, speedy online service

FORT WAYNE, Ind., Feb. 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — All across America, millions of perfectly good books sit forgotten, collecting dust on shelves. Yet if the books are still in nice condition, these untapped treasures can now be turned into cash, thanks to Moola4Books (, one of the country’s fastest-growing online companies dedicated to buying back used books. From favorite novels and classroom texts to business manuals and even children editions, Moola4Books does its best to accept all submissions and then resell them at a discount to the general public, various companies, and organizations in need.

“Moola4Books is a truly ‘green for green’ business in that we’re recycling books, and this all starts with our online buyback marketplace – the Moola4Books website,” says Rick L. Rutledge, co-owner of Moola4Books. “Everyone loves a little extra cash, and our customers are always surprised at how quick and easy it is with the help of Moola4Books. We provide immediate quotes and deliver clear, simple instructions for our free shipping and payment procedures. Whether you want to get rid of some college books, make some extra money to put toward that summer vacation, or sell a few bestsellers to help pay the electric bill, Moola4Books can be your ‘cash cow.'”

In an age of viral marketing, word is spreading quickly about the benefits of Moola4Books. The company launched its services in 2008 and has since served more than 175,000 customers and has grown operations to 17 full-time employees. Moreover, in January 2011 alone, Moola4Books offered an astonishing $6.2 million in book buyback offers to customers throughout the United States, includingHawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. While people love making easy, extra cash, the growing success behind Moola4Books is also attributed to the seamless, efficient and honest buyback process fortified by a credible online business.

“Customer satisfaction, speedy service and honesty are fueling our success and exceeding expectations of the book buyback industry altogether,” Rutledge says. “Thanks to the simple process outlined on our website and an ability to provide free shipping, we’re motivating sellers to let us buy what they’ve already read. As soon as we receive the books, we can either direct-deposit payment into a PayPal account for fast cash or send a check through regular mail. The average process takes about 15 days or less.”

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