Make Your Dream A Reality On Second Life

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If you have a fantasy that you want to fulfill but you think that it is impossible, you may get a kick out of test driving it by joining the Second Life community. Second Life is a virtual world where you can create an avatar, dress yourself up and live the life you always wanted to live.

When I was a part of the second life community I had so many great experiences. I was able to live out my wildest dreams and you can too.

I was a stripper for a night.
I partied at night clubs.
I went to church.
I hung out around the house.
Second Life is a social networking site that allows you to join groups and become active in careers you always imagined. You can find jobs that pay real money and build your own house. You can travel to Africa or Australia and it all looks so real. You can change your race and see what it feels like to be a member of another cultural group.You can fall in love with a real person you interact with through avatars, voice and text. You can have a baby and get married. Your body can look any way you want it to. You can even be an animal if that’s what you prefer. You can open up your own business. You can enjoy meditation classes, crafting classes or anything else you can imagine.Warning- For first time users, Second Life can be highly addictive due to the ability to be exactly who you always wanted to be. Many people become so caught up in the fantasy that they may ignore their FIRST LIFE. View my Second Life blog filled with stories from when I was a magazine editor during my time there. These stories explore the African American community on Second Life and the motives behind why people chose to “play” the roles they played there.

To begin:

1) Activate your account by creating a username. This username will be your first name in Second Life (SL). You can not change this after you begin. Your last name can be chosen from a list of pre-selected names.

2) Choose a gender and “face”. Your gender may not be changed after you create your account but your face and body type can be changed later, if you desire. There are shopping malls dedicated to different body styles and clothing that you can pay to shop in. In general, you will spend money on things in Second Life but it’s just like spending money on any activity you enjoy.

3) Download the application. You must download Second Life to your computer because it is a game. Once it is installed you can begin your next adventure.

There is an entire WORLD right at your fingertips if you want to try it just check it out, it’s FREE. Second Life

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