5 Ways Wise Women Make Money

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My Savvy Sisters don’t work hard. We make strategic moves that enable us to live the lives we desire. We have the common sense to use our senses to create a steady flow of income.

What is it that you can recognize better than anyone else? Can you spot a fake Louis Vuitton in 10 seconds? Can you recognize grammatical mistakes in a published book? Does everyone you know call you to help them put together an outfit?
There is SOMETHING that your eyes are better tuned in to recognize than most people. Figure out what it is and learn how to profit from it. Start a blog. Begin writing about your expertise. You are an expert, even if you don’t believe it. Even if you spend time reaching out to people you admire and asking for the secrets to their success, you are still providing valuable information.

You can make money from your blog by offering advertising space and placing google ads. If you are dedicated to writing about your particular area of expertise, your income will increase.

There is a particular topic that you absolutely LOVE to learn about. There is something that is so fascinating to you that you have to find out more about it every single day. Your ears are tuned in to this frequency because it will become a valuable key to your success. You are collecting valuable information that plenty other women would love to have access to. You should transform your fascination into a stream of income by creating an eBook and selling it online.

If you passed elementary school, you can do this. Don’t be afraid. All you need to do is learn how to organize your information. Try reading this guide to writing a self help book. It will help you with the structure. Your book doesn’t have to be a full length novel. It just has to have valuable information that others are seeking. Some of my eBooks are only 15 pages long and they still sell. Even if you don’t believe they are seeking the information that you have, they are. Give it a try.

Step 1) Open up a word document.
Step 2) Sketch an outline for your book of the information you want to present.
Step 3) Write the information down.
Step 4) Ask a friend to edit it. Use spell check.
Step 5) Save the document as a PDF.
Step 6) Create a book cover.
Step 7) Go to Kindle and upload your book.

Once you have a book written, create as many more as you can. You can create a series of short stories or articles related to your topic of interest. Don’t worry about who is buying them, just keep sharing the information that you have. People will buy them, eventually. It took 3 years to start seeing consistent income for my eBooks. I wrote them so long ago and now I don’t have to do anything but count the money as it comes in. You can do this too.

Every woman needs to develop a skill where they use their hands.

1. Learn how to braid hair.
2. Learn how to crochet.
3. Learn how to cook.
4. Learn how to do massages.
5. Learn how to play a sport.
6. Learn how to fix something.
7. Learn how to grow something.
8. Learn how to create something.

You have to learn how to use your hands to prosper. Once you have developed a skill, go out and ask people to pay money for what you can create. You don’t need to have a license or be an expert to get started. Just get started!

The expert status is created AFTER you start. Start small and then build up. Have the confidence to offer a class to teach what you know to other women or place an ad online offering your skill for a fee. You can do this! Your skill is valuable.

Even if you aren’t into girly things, you have to at least learn how to create something girly to sell. This doesn’t have to be your full time job but its a cool way to make new friends or earn the extra bucks you need to fill your gas tank or treat yourself to a new pedicure. Plus, learning how to create a product that all women use makes you look and feel smarter.

I’d try learning how to make perfume. The process behind learning how to create your own perfume is intriguing and fun. You can even host a party to teach your friends how to do it themselves. After hearing about The Sweet Smell of Success from a friend who now makes her own perfumes, body lotions, deodorants and soaps, I decided to give it a try and when I tell people that I know how to make perfume, they all ask me to teach them how. At $10 a person, I can share my knowledge with a gaggle of women giggling over wine and cheese. You can too!

You don’t have to become a call girl to make money with your mouth. Your particular beliefs and values or your tastes and preferences can earn you cold hard cash if you believe that what you have to say is important.

Share your taste for fashion, politics or community activism with the world by offering online seminars where people can pay to hear you speak. Of course the income won’t come in steadily at first but once you develop your signature style of speaking and presenting, your mouth alone will become your segue way to financial freedom.

Start by using UStream to develop an audience or you can host a blogtalk radio show to talk about your perspective of the world if you are camera shy. Keep talking and sharing your tastes and preferences and you will achieve expert status automatically.


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