Te-Erika’s Diary: Sorry Ass Men

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I don’t know who told these sorry ass men that a woman will fuck them if they share a sob story. Ugh. I hate that shit!

I remember meeting this man and as soon as he introduced himself he gave me the puppy dog eyes and said, “I’ve been going through a lot.”

I looked him up and down and thought, “I can fucking tell!”

Then he had the nerve to ask me for my number. Ugh! Bitch I’m not being your support! Get the hell out of here!

And then this weekend I met this man online and as soon as we got on the phone his ass started complaining about his Baby Mama’s. I had to stop him in his tracks, “You sound weak when you complain about women. Can you talk about something else?”

Damn. What’s wrong with these fuck bitches? I hate that shit man!

We gotta stop giving out pussy to these sorry ass men so they will know that shit don’t fly. But I know what it is, we are nurtures and we feel like we have to train a man and raise him up. I already have two sons, I don’t like training men!

I’m never going to be with a man because I have zero patience for instructing him on shit his Mama should have done like:

Don’t gossip.

Don’t be negative.

Don’t need someone to save you.

Open the damn car door.

Earn your way without scamming others.

Take care of yourself.

Don’t wear pants with colors or patterns on the back pockets.

Don’t whine.

Match your belt with your shoes.

Always carry cash.

Don’t kiss and tell.

Don’t buy things on impulse.

Stop doing shit you have to apologize for.

Respect yourself.

Don’t settle for less than what you really want.

If you do decide to settle, don’t fucking complain about it.

Don’t share your emotions on the internet.

Don’t get involved in women’s fights.

Don’t live off of government assistance.

Buy some toilet paper!


Men irritate me so much! I’m always fucking disappointed when I see them. Sorry asses! I am NEVER going to have any more kids from you!

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