Discovering Your Truths

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There are certain types of individuals who might argue that certain things are TRUE and can not be denied. I like to call these type of people “happily socialized” and I am not speaking to them in this article.

For the rest of us with an open mind, TRUTH is subjective. The TRUTHS we hold fast to in our lives are mere illusions or choices that we have happily accepted.

What is the TRUTH anyway?

Is it TRUE that the sky is blue?

Is it TRUE that you will never amount to anything?

Is it TRUE that aliens do not exist?

Is it TRUE that you will not find love until you achieve a certain goal?

Let’s tackle the first one so that you will understand where I am going with this. The sky is blue because as a society we gave a name to that color. If whoever invented this language had called it something else, we would be calling it a different name too.

See…most of our TRUTHS are ideas that were planted in our heads by someone else. What makes it TRUE is our belief in that idea. What we believe, we experience.

Are you holding on to a certain TRUTH that causes you to fear disappointed, angry or fearful? If so, you must recognize that the TRUTH which is causing you so much discomfort is a TRUTH that you chose and you have permission to choose differently.

Do your religious beliefs cause you to feel weighted down by life?

Did someone tell you that you had to lose weight before you can find love?

Are you certain that you will never be able to fit comfortably into any social situation?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you have chosen these beliefs and you are free to change them at any time.
Change what is TRUE for your life by choosing beliefs that serve you well and promote a healthy, abundant lifestyle.

Once you change your beliefs and your TRUTHS, your life will be a reflection of those TRUTHS. Your behavior will change due to your shift in expectations and your response to your environment will shift too.

Imagine if you got rid of the TRUTH that you could never be a millionaire. If you changed your TRUTH to “I can be a millionaire and I have the skills to make it happen,” you will instantly feel supercharged and approach your goals more confidently. Your belief in this new truth will then attract the tools and skills necessary to make it happen.

Be mindful of the TRUTHS you accept for your life. Allow no one to define your TRUTHS for you, you are the captain of your ship. If a certain TRUTH does not line up with who you are or who you want to be- REJECT IT.

It’s your life.
You make the rules.
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