My Savvy Sister of The Week- Nikki Geter

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By Wenda Bien Aime
Contributing Writer

Ever since she was just a young girl, Nikki Geter knew that she would someday be her own boss.

She had always been a loner and learned about life from the strong group of women in her life. She has challenged and pushed herself to reach her dreams, including putting herself through college to earn 3 degrees, one being an MBA and being cautious of negative influences attempting to take advantage of a young entrepreneur.

At 31 years of age, Nikki Geter is living her dream as CEO of Liquid Events, an events management company based in Rock Hill, South Carolina. “We specialize in the development, and implementation of various special events, such as weddings, celebrations, corporate events, etc. My goal is to make sure that each bride, party organizer, or corporate client goes into his or her event knowing they have nothing to worry about because my team is already in place,” she shares. We were also pleased to discover that Liquid Events also offers an in house photography division directed by lead photography Brittany Taylor.

“I have developed a team of professionals that not only puts the needs and desires of each client first, but also continue to develop their individual skills in order to secure their position at the top of their specified field of expertise,” says Nikki.

She also takes pride in the fact that she encourages an unpretentious relationship with each client. “What sets me apart from other people in my field is the fact I establish a one on one relationship with each client,” Nikki says. “I want them all to feel comfortable enough even when their event is headed by one of my team members to come talk with me personally if they feel something is not being handled correctly. Liquid Events is my company, my brand, my name I have to make sure everything is up to par.”

Nikki definitely has a strong work ethic and is also her own harshest critic. “I find myself saying I need more bookings, I need more bookings even though I have just left a contract signing…and I put more pressure on myself than anyone from the outside could ever do,” she says. One savvy business owner that she admires is fashion mogul Kimora Lee Simmons. “She is very strong minded and juggles life betterthan anyone else in the industry.”

The ambitious businesswoman admits that she faced many obstacles when starting Liquid Events. “Starting a new company is a challenging task. Patience is not a virtue that I have completely accomplished yet but I am working on it,” Nikki admits.

The CEO divulges that the most rewarding part of being the owner of her own business is earning her independence. “Every entrepreneur wants the same things, freedom to be creative and financial success. My goals for the future are to develop Liquid Events into an event management powerhouse for the southeast. Another reward of owning my own company is the reality that I hold my own destiny in the palm of my hand and no one else can control it. With God’s grace I will accomplish all of my goals and see my dreams unfold,” Nikki says.

What advice does Nikki have for every woman out there aspiring to become an entrepreneur but afraid to make that first step in becoming their own boss? “Step out on faith. I still get nervous sometimes because one of my biggest fears is failure. In order to be great and accomplish my dreams I have to facethe possibility of failure straight on,” Nikki shares.

To contact or learn more about Nikki Geter and Liquid Events, please visit

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