From The Publisher: If Rihanna & Chris Brown ReUnite

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Dear Readers,

I saw some interesting rants about the possibility of pop star Rihanna and Grammy winner Chris Brown getting back together. As usual, I cocked my head to the side and laughed.

If Rihanna and Chris Brown get back together, I won’t be upset. Rihanna is a grown woman who knows more of this story than I do. If she is willing to forgive and move on from this situation than I have no problem with doing the same. If she is healing from this trauma and willing to give friendship another chance then who am I to force her to hold a grudge?

The problem with our society is that we define ourselves by our worst moments. Yes, this was a defining and publicly humiliating moment for Chris Brown and Rihanna but they have both done amazing things with their careers that few ever have the talent or perseverance to do. Who are we to become emotionally outraged by someone else’s choices for their personal life?

As a general rule, I say “If you like it, I love it.” I am fascinated by women who break the rules and live their lives on their own terms. I allow other people to live their lives as they wish and you will never catch me becoming outraged by how some women choose to live their lifestyles. It’s none of my business, really and I am too focused on pursuing my own goals to become emotionally attached to someone else’s choices. If you were busy building your dream, you wouldn’t have time or the energy to form an opinion about someone else’s life.

Become outraged by your own circumstances enough to change them. As for everyone else and their lives- laugh and then turn the page if it doesn’t impact you personally or affect your bottom line.

All My Best,


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