Don’t Kill Your Salad With Salad Dressing

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My Savvy Sisters care about our bodies. We understand that we are no longer teenagers and we must move away from the “If it tastes good, eat it” mentality. We’ve come to enjoy eating salads, however, we may be ignorant to the fact that most traditional salad dressings kill the nutritional value of our healthy choice.

Any combination of fruits and vegetables will make a healthy and fulfilling salad. When reviewing your choices for your salad dressing stay away from French dressing which has the highest calorie count. Ranch, Blue Cheese and Caesar dressing are also silent killers.

Try using oil and vinegar to accent your salad. Canola oil and Olive oils are your best choices. If your restaurant does not offer oil and vinegar, ask for fresh salsa to top your salad or visit your local grocery store and buy a box of Walden Farm’s dressing packets to carry with you in your purse. Walden Farm’s dressings contain no fat, calories, carbs or sugars of any kind.

You don’t have to kill your salad to enjoy it. Just a small change in your eating habits will definitely increase your quality of life.

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