Hostels- An Adventurous Alternative to Motels

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Once upon a time I had a dream of being a journalist. With no guidance and no resources I simply couldn’t wait until an opportunity was presented to me. I took off with my car and my laptop and drove from city to city hoping to find an opportunity.

While seeking my opportunities I wanted to make sure that I had a safe place to sleep that I wouldn’t be tied to in case I had to make another fast move. While stopping by a friend’s place in Louisiana we came across a city guide for Houston, Texas and in it there was a listing for a hostel which became my first home.

While hostels are popular in foreign countries due to the many students and backpackers seeking rest along their journey, the United States has hostels to host travelers as well. Hostels can be a safe, clean alternative to motels when you wish to rest your body after exploring any new city. Hostels are homes set up like dormitories with bunk beds, a community kitchen and living areas.

You pay per night and you can use the hostel to store your belongings as you begin your job search or explore. The hostels that I lived in were priced at around $14-$20 per night and the hostel in Dallas, Texas was a fully furnished loft apartment.

You’ll meet people from foreign countries and swap stories or currency. One night we all sat around sharing the various popular Youtube videos from our respective cultures. It was an enlightening experience, one that I will never forget and always cherish.

If I had cause or opportunity to sleep in a hostel again, I would definitely do it. Although the community bathrooms are a bit shabby, the memories of that adventure will last a lifetime.

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