Oprah: The Chosen One

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I am not an Oprah Winfrey fanatic like most women I know. I was in school when her shows were on television and I never jumped on the band wagon frankly because I was too busy trying to survive and understand myself.

I heard great and wonderful things about her show and her career. I even managed to study her life quite a bit as I studied the great leaders and movers of my time. I was impressed by her natural ability to connect with people and I always wondered what she had, that I didn’t have. I wondered what it would be like to have a bit of that magic.

I think I felt a personal connection with Oprah’s life story around the time that I began to transform spiritually. It’s funny how her endorsement of Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth made me pay attention to her messages. I saw that Oprah had began the journey to enlightenment. Gone were the days when her message was solely one of upliftment. I saw in her what most extremely successful people seek, an understanding of themselves.

When you accomplish every dream you ever had, then what? When you exceed your own expectations for life then what? When you can buy and sell small countries, then what? What’s left to conquer? What’s left to reach for? I know, you reach for understanding. You wonder about the truth of the mysteries of life and the world.

You wonder about your own powers. You wonder why others can’t tap into those same things. you wonder if maybe you were just lucky or what your life would have been like if you were different. You realize that you aren’t really special but then again, you wonder what set you apart.

I believe Oprah came to that point and she was still searching for that fulfillment that only comes with complete self acceptance and the true understanding that, we will never understand anything. It’s best to simply adopt beliefs that make you feel good and try your best to be happy every day.

I watched her show’s finale as a spectator who is not really impressed by fame and it didn’t move me as much as I thought it would. The legacy she has built and the amount of people she has aided through her fame and fortune made me tear up, but that is because I can only DREAM of giving a portion of the aid she has given. It felt like a glimpse into my future.

I want to give that same help to women.

I want to give it through this website and other foundations and organizations. I’m shaking my head as I type this because it all seems so unrealistic as I sit here in the homeless shelter, desperately hoping that more businesses will partner with me to make my job fair a success.

I’m just one woman giving a nod to a living legend who is being celebrated for sharing her gifts with the world.

Oprah: The Chosen One

I bet she had no idea she would become who she has become. None of us do.

Surprise. Surprise.

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