Coming Soon: 3 Parents = 1 Super Baby

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When a new life is created, the joys of watching its development can be overshadowed by the complexities of potential genetic mutations offering the new life a set of new physical defects. It is a gamble that we all have taken and many have lost, evolving into a life stricken with diseases like blindness, diabetes, epilepsy and other fatal diseases.

To combat this issue, this Forbes article reports that scientists have been working diligently to examine the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) which is passed on to the child by the mother and may contain mutations that cause serious illnesses. Once these contaminated mtDNA are found they can be extracted and a separate donor’s pure mtDNA can be added to the nucleus of a potential mother’s egg during invitro fertilization creating an embryo that is free of genetic mutations.

The UK Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority conducted a study on how to handle parental and ethical rights if this process is ever approved for humans. The biggest question under consideration is, how do you determine who the true parents are if 3 people contribute to creating a baby?

This super baby idea is not new. There have been theories and very likely preparations being made to create a super human race that is free from genetic deviations and mutations. If this procedure is approved this year, we could be well on our way to a complete shift for the human race. Is this necessary or is it a tunnel back to the days of Hitler?

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