10 Reasons Why Women Hate Kim Kardashian

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Women hate Kim Kardashian. They call her trashy, classless and tasteless just for being who she is. Why is this the case? Kim has never talked trash about anyone. She has never dated a man who was financially inferior to her. She has never stepped outside looking less than stellar. She has simply decided to live her life as expansive as she can and exploit every asset awarded to her both physically and mentally. What is wrong with that?

Women hate Kim Kardashian because they are stuck in a box that someone else drew for them. They want to live life ‘right’ and receive approval from others so badly that they reject and ridicule any woman who does not agree to stand in the box with them. There is no right or wrong way to be a woman and there is no right or wrong way to achieve your dreams.

If you were truly a remarkable woman of distinction you would be too busy to criticize Kim. In the midst of your own hustle you may pause just long enough to applaud her for creating the life she envisioned on her own terms in the same manner that you are.

While you’re sitting at home reading this article, wrinkling your nose in disgust, Kim is off planning her next project to earn her next million. What are you doing today?

Don’t be angry with Kim for being sensational simply because you hate yourself for not being MORE. It’s not her fault she breaks the rules while you are contained by them.

We know you hate Kim Kardashian because…

  • She is beautiful without trying.
  • She has curves in all of the right places.
  • She was born into a well-to-do family with privileges most women will never experience.
  • She has been in a sex scandal that led to nationwide exposure while most women have just had sex with guys who don’t call them back.
  • She has dated and married some of the most handsome men alive.
  • She’s not a blonde and she’s a bombshell.
  • She nabbed the most impactful music recording artist and producer of our generation and gave him a gift more rewarding than any trophy he has received; their daughter North.
  • She doesn’t work hard for her money, instead earning $10,000 for a single tweet.
  • She transitioned from being rich to being rich and famous and brought her entire family along for the ride.
  • She is everything most women wish they could be: stylish, scandalous, sexy, curvy, luxurious, simple and rich.

Don’t Be Bitter- Do Better!

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