A Woman’s Intuition

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My Savvy Sisters know how to use their intuition to make the best decisions for their lives. They understand that this inner guidance is vital to their survival and it will only take the action prompted by this guidance to help them realize their dreams.

How do you develop your intuition?

You don’t have to. You already know what it is and what it says. You can feel it. It feels like a gentle nudge. It sounds like your voice, just more insistent. It repeats itself again and again. The problem becomes trusting your intuition versus listening to the advice and guidance from those around you.

Why don’t you trust your intuition more than you trust the guidance of others?

You are afraid to. You don’t believe in your ability to choose correctly. You want assurance and guidance from others because you do not believe in your power to navigate this life successfully.

I am here to tell you, you can.

You have everything you need to achieve inner peace and outer joy. The wisdom lives within. There is no one more capable of guiding you toward your dream. There is no one more qualified to help you than you are.

You know your desires and your capabilities better than anyone.

Your answers lie within you.

To better tap into the answers and the direction that you need all you have to do is…


Believe in the God power within you. That God power, that faith, lives inside of you and whispers to you the way.

Despite what others think you should do, you already know the way.

Regardless of the plans your parents had for you, you already know the way.

In spite of where you thought you should be in life at this age and stage, your inner guidance knows the way.

Trust in that. Trust in this process of evolution. You are exactly who you need to be.

Trust yourself.

For My Savvy Sisters: Has your intuition ever spoken to you and you benefited from listening to it? Share your story.

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