Men Are Sensitive- A Match.Com Study Reveals

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According to a study published today by Match.Com, men appear to be more sensitive concerning issues of love and romance than women.

Here is an excerpt from the results:

Men fall in love just as often as women do and are more likely to experience love at first sight. By age 30, 58% of men who say they have been in love and believe in love at first sight have experienced it, compared to 51% of women.

PDA approved?Men are more likely to show their love and affection in public. 41% of men would be very comfortable kissing in public, versus 31% of women.

Men are more willing to make a commitment either without being in love or without feeling sexually attracted to their partner.Men are more likely than women to be willing to make a commitment to someone who has everything they are looking for in a partner, but whom they are not in love with (31% of men and 23% of women) and willing to make a commitment to someone who has everything they are looking for in a partner but whom they don’t find sexually attractive (26% of men and 22% of women).

Men find loneliness just as stressful as women do.31% ofmen and 33% of women report that they find loneliness to be “very stressful” or “somewhat stressful.” And men are more likely to report that loneliness is a challenging aspect of being single (27% of men and 22% of women).

Men admire working women. Close to half (45%) of all men are turned off by a woman who “doesn’t care about her career.

When it comes to cohabitation, men want to commit sooner than women.Contrary to popular belief, when dating a new partner, 46% of men and 26% of women would expect to move in together before they’d been dating someone for less than a year.

Men are far more concerned about their weightthan their height.55% of straight men and 63% of gay men are more concerned with their weight than their height (6% of straight men and 3% of gay men).

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