Reader Mail: Your Project Inspires Me

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Hi there Te-Erika, girl wow hard to know what to say about what your doing, here’s me about to close a store that isn’t making money and I feel lost and disappointed, like I’ve failed and here you are giving away your things to go out into a world that isn’t kind, and is cold even in the hottest summer times.

I admire you, your swim against the tide, not easy to do, you don’t let your experiences kick you to the floor and leave you there, you still dig your nails in and hold onto the tiniest of things determined to pull yourself up, determined to be FREE, I will follow you, in heart and in thought and maybe in your doing what your doing, it will give me strength and the courage that I need to step out again, knowing that sometimes life demands you shift gears and you can and you will if you are determined to, no matter what it may seem like, “weeping does endure for a night Ms. Te-Erika, but joy cometh in the morning.” and I’m sure that God will bring that light bright and clearly to your path so that every step you take in this new adventure, will be a testimony to someone else, and to me.

See you when you come out of that dark place that your about to enter in, see you smiling and happy and excited, YOU CAN AND WILL DO THIS because it’s your calling, as crazy as it may be or seem, and hopefully I will be able to share my story with you too.

Email me if you simply need a You Can! Email me if you need me to remind you to create your own reality, Email me if you need me to remind you of the Secret, Email me to simply say you cried or laughed, or sang, or groaned, were hungry for food but full of the blessings of the Most HIGH… My sister, my savvy unique and beautiful sister I love you, and support you in this your new endeavor…… Think of me from time to time. It is not by chance that we met, it was ordained, maybe to give you this tiny word of encouragement, maybe to encourage myself.

You are richer than most, because you know that you have yourself. and that you are more than a conquerer, Love peace and happiness Te-Erika, Love Peace and Happiness, wherever you may be……. Keep warm in love, from my heart to yours. Girl you are FREE!!!!!!!!!! Many Blessings.


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