3 Reasons Why Life Isn’t The Way You Want It To Be

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1. You don’t even know what you want.

You think you have an idea of what your life should be like, but it’s really based on a fantasy that someone else fed you. You say you want to be a famous screen writer,  but you’re not willing to do the work required. You think you should be married by this point but you ignore all advances from eligible men because they don’t fit into the image of your ‘ideal’ partner.

You don’t really know what you want. And you know what? That is okay. If you can relax, follow your bliss and allow life to happen, understanding that you won’t miss out on happiness, you’ll be more satisfied in the long run.

2. You haven’t prepared for what you want.

You have prepared for what you don’t want. You’ve bought car insurance. You have a will set up. You have even made sure that your partner is willing to sign a pre nup in case you ever decide to get married.  What you haven’t done is focus the same amount of energy on preparing for what you DO want from life.

Do you want to be a lawyer? You have to go to law school. Do you want to be a business woman? Dress up and attend networking events. If your dream is to be a wife, then you need to start acting like one right now.

Life isn’t shifted from where you are to where you want to be by preparing solely for the risks involved in chasing your dream. You must take the time to move forward, preparing for what you WANT, burning bridges that could lead you back to where you were.

3. What you want wouldn’t be beneficial to you right now.

If I would have had everything I ever wanted, handed to me on a platter, I would not be writing the words you are reading right now. This women’s empowerment blog was born of a personal struggle that I went through so that I could make sense of all of the mishaps I went through and use them to help me prosper.

If I had not had doors slammed in my face, I would not have learned how to survive the toughest times in life. If I had not been alone in cities I moved to, been dumped and bruised and beaten I would not have been able to crawl my way through it to offer the sustaining advice you respect to help pull you through.

Yes, you can have the things you dream of, but the fact that they are not in your life at this moment may mean that they would hinder your progress. Allow that to sink in and look around you right now, surveying the tools that are available to you at this point and figuring out how to use them to your advantage.

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