My Success Is Not Accidental

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I know I make it look easy.

Women admire me from all four corners of the world. I enjoy the best that life has to offer and I appear to do it with ease.

What you fail to see are the long nights I spent perfecting my craft, skipping the parties, boyfriends and gossip sessions in favor of studying to become the best at what I do.

I know I make it look easy and it is, but that comes after years of fumbling around, making mistakes and beating myself up for not getting it right. I couldn’t allow myself to remain stagnant or to waste my talent by not chiseling at it with precision every second that I was awake.

I sculpted the very best version of me through years of trial and error and I continue to dedicate just as much time to remaining at the top of my game. Yet, you see me and you think she is cute and sweet and bubbly, when I’m a beast when it comes to my profession, yet my roar seems more like a hypnotizing purr.

My success is not accidental.

My ability to maintain my status in my own eyes, is what separates me from the women who compare themselves to me.

Flawlessly, instinctively I polish my skills without chipping a nail. I do all that and then I play with the best of them simply because I deserve to sit on this throne that I created.

I know I make it look easy, but even that takes effort, honey.

And I am well up to the challenge.

Are you?

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