Poll Results: What Are Your Plans For Valentines Day?

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MySavvySisters.Com posted a poll that asked its readers to answer the question: What are your plans for Valentines Day?

Of the women who responded:

14% answered – Spending time with my significant other
14% answered – Spending time with my family
35% answered – I will be home alone- again
35% answered – I hate commercial holidays

Analysis– The majority of My Savvy Sisters are not thrilled about Valentines Day.

Who would be thrilled about being reminded for a whole 24 hours that there is no great love in their lives? Its okay. You are allowed to hate Valentines Day if you want to. But, if you must hate Valentines Day- do it BIG!

Here’s how

1. Dress in black AND wear a veil all day long. Tell people that you are mourning the loss of your virginity.

2. Make a sign that reads: I don’t love you. Go to the mall and wave it at people.

3. Find every old boyfriend you can on facebook and write them a message demanding to know why the hell they didn’t appreciate you.

Now, don’t you feel better?

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