Woman Falls Off Cruise Ship & Boyfriend Jumps After Her

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30-year-old Paul Rossington and his 26-year-old girlfriend Kristen Schroder booked a cruise together as a way to decide if their off and on relationship was worth saving. They spent much of the cruise arguing and late one evening Kristen walked onto the balcony of their cabin and climbed over the railing. She lost her footing and slipped into the water. When Paul noticed that she had fallen, he immediately jumped in after her, 65 feet into the waters of the South Pacific.

The ship sailed on without anyone noticing. The incident was later seen on video footage provided by the cruise ship. Their bodies were never recovered.

Paul is being heralded as a hero. Many claim that he must have known that he would die if he took that plunge.

I do not think he was a hero. I believe he committed suicide because he felt that his life meant nothing without his girlfriend, a woman he clearly did not have a good relationship with.

How many of us stake the worth of our lives on people who have not contributed much good to it? We believe that love is about hanging on through the rough times and in a sense, it is, but if the majority of our time with our partner is filled with arguments that make us feel that life is not worth living, that our souls are on fire, we are only making ourselves miserable.

Relationships are not supposed to damage us. We have to learn that this world is a playground and we do not have to play with people who continually hurt us. There are billions of people on this planet and there will be someone else to play with and if that person is hard to find, there is some beauty in learning to play alone.

If you are in a relationship where you spend more time crying than smiling, it won’t get better. Get out.  You should not have to fight for love, not with your life.


An inquest has heard how an Australian man courageously leapt from a cruise ship to try to save his girlfriend who had slipped into the ocean moments earlier.

The coroner’s inquest in Sydney, Australia heard about Paul Rossington, a paramedic, who jumped 65-feet into the waters of the south Pacific from the balcony of his cabin aboard the Carnival Spirit cruise ship in 2013. The 30-year-old died along with his girlfriend Kristen Schroder after the ship sailed on to harbour without noticing the “tragic accident”.

Police have said that Rossington committed ‘an act of supreme courage’ after trying to save his girlfriend who had slipped and fallen into the ocean shortly before.
Police told the inquest how the paramedic acted on instinct by jumping after her. The two bodies were never recovered.

Ms Schroder, 26, climbed over the balcony shortly before 9pm and lost her footing on a rail, clinging on with her hands about four seconds before plunging to her death, the inquest heard.

Video footage showed that Mr Rossington immediately jumped in after her.

“He must have known that jumping out would most likely end with him losing his life,” detective sergeant Michael O’Keefe told the inquest.

“When [Paul] has seen her slip, he’s jumped out of bed and when she’s fallen, he’s gone straight over after her. That act of conspicuous courage should not go unnoticed.”

The inquest heard the couple had a “turbulent relationship” and had been arguing at a casino and at dinner shortly before Ms Schroder’s death. They regarded the 11-day cruise as a “make or break” trip, the inquest was told.

Cruise Ship

The disappearance of the couple was not discovered until the ship arrived in Sydney the following morning and the couple failed to disembark.

Erika Mulligan, an advocate assisting the coroner, said the deaths of the couple appeared to be a “tragic accident”.

“He has not thought about his safety at all – that is certainly an act of bravery,” she said.

Police said Mr Rossington should receive the country’s highest bravery award.

– See more at: http://yournewswire.com/brave-man-leapt-to-certain-death-from-cruise-ship-to-save-girlfriend/#sthash.pyRO2gV9.dpuf

– See more at: http://yournewswire.com/brave-man-leapt-to-certain-death-from-cruise-ship-to-save-girlfriend/#sthash.pyRO2gV9.dpuf

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