When You’re Above Average

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If your dreams outweigh those around you
If your style and grace seem to make everyone upset
If you’re never satisfied with ‘just enough’
If you’re constantly yearning to upgrade your life
If you’ve ever wondered why no one understands you
If you’re watching people make choices you stopped making 10 years ago
If you can’t find the right crowd to fit into
If you’re constantly thinking, ‘No one gets it’
If you find yourself wanting to move to another country
If you think you must be from another planet
If you are bored with socializing and prefer the company of your own thoughts
If the men you meet are usually not up to par
If your biggest dream isn’t getting married
If people consistently describe you as ‘refreshing’
If you can’t figure out what to do next but you know you must do ‘something’
If you you’re wondering what the meaning of life is
If you have let go of the beliefs you inherited
If you have stepped outside of the box and you like it there
If you aren’t afraid to be foolish for your dream


Relax. There’s not much company because you belong in the major leagues.

It’s coming.


There is a place for you.


There is nothing wrong with you.

You’ll get there.

Keep walking.



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