Vote To Honor 2012’s My Savvy Sister of the Year

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MySavvySisters.Com presents the 2012 My Savvy Sister of the Year Award 

This award honors one of My Savvy Sisters who were featured as My Savvy Sister of the Week during the calendar year. The 5 nominees were chosen by a selected panel of women and the winner is selected by your vote.

As you peruse the profiles of past honored women, please keep in mind that My Savvy Sister of the Year should exemplify the following traits:

  • Trail blazing – My Savvy Sister of the Year is a woman who is a leader and her voice leads others to new heights in their personal or professional lives.
  • Expansive- My Savvy Sister of the Year is a woman who has multiplied her talents in various areas.
  • The X Factor- My Savvy Sister of the Year has that unnameable personality trait that allows her to be admired instantly. Her charm and personality shines through all of her projects and she is adored without effort on her part.


The Nominees

Sikivu Hutchinson is the author of Moral Combat: Black Atheists, Gender Politics, and the Values Wars. She founded the Women’s Leadership Project (WLP), a South L.A.-based feminist mentoring and social justice advocacy program for high school girls of color. The WLP trains young women to advocate for gender justice in their school-communities around anti-violence, reproductive justice, media representation, undocumented student rights, college access and LGBTQ rights. Read more about Sikivu.

Sherry Russell is the author of Conquering The Mysteries and Lies of Grief. Sherry is a member of the National Crisis Management Premier Speakers Bureau and has dedicated her life’s work to helping people make a smooth transition through life’s challenges. She is also the force behind CatchAFallingLife.Com which empowers people through holistic healing after a loss. Read more about Sherry.

Heidi Durrow is the New York Times best-selling author of The Girl Who Fell From the Sky. She is also the author of the blog Light-skinned-ed Girl. Read more about Heidi.

Nancy Colasurdo is an independently contracted Life Coach. Today, Nancy celebrates not only being debt free but also stress free. She teaches the keys she used to triumph over life’s inconsistencies on her FoxBusiness Column. Read more about Nancy.

Linda Dominique Grosvenor is the author of The Plural Thing: Spiritually Preparing for Your Soul Mate and offers daily relationship tips on herFacebook page that will inspire you to believe in and receive your perfect love. She is also the founder of the Love Better Camp, Inc. that was created to teach both men and women how to avoid counterfeits, love better and marry well. Read more about Linda.

Please take the time to VOTE for your favorite nominee. Voting ends January 11, 2012 at midnight.


For My Savvy Sisters: Please leave a comment letting us know how being exposed to your favorite nominee has changed your life.

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