The Benefits of Being An INFP Personality Type

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I am an INFP according to the Myers Briggs personality test. For most, this won’t mean anything, but for the 2% of the world who fall into this category it means dealing with a set of personality traits that most do not understand. We’re wired differently. We process emotions intensely. We have a difficult time finding our way in the world and we feel disconnected and misunderstood at times.

I am a member of an INFP group on Facebook. Tonight I posed the question: What do you LOVE about being an INFP? The responses were magical and I wanted to share them with you. If you are an INFP Personality Type, please do read, celebrate and share your love for yourself. ~Te-Erika


Why I LOVE Being an INFP

INFP Personality Healer

“Growing increasingly wiser about complex matters dealing with the heart, and the intricate deep connections to those around me.” ~J.K.

 “I love that I have the ability to make even strangers tell me their life stories. Sometimes though, I admit, it gets exhausting being the one everyone confides in.” ~ K.V.

“I believe as an infp i have a greater inner possession than most other and a greater perception of beauty! and i’m proud to be a healer!” ~A.H.

“I love that for many INFP their moral compass is purely internalized, and not influenced by outside stimuli. I love that we see alternative possibilities to most problems.” ~ S.S.

“I’m learning to accept who I am. For years I have thought I should/ought to be different to what I am (more extroverted and just “get on with life” without thinking about it too much). However, as I get older I’m starting to realize it is maybe ok to just be me and I don’t need to strive to be something I’m not to be able to function in the world.” ~ L.H.

“I love the vast amounts of imagination and creativity that seems to burst from me! I love seeing the wonder in this world and its inhabitants. I love being able to daydream a whole new reality with fantastical creatures, and then drawing them into existence.” ~ S.V.

“I love my train of thought. How I can just pull ideas out of nowhere, even though after writing it all down, I realize that it isn’t really based in reality all that much and so I have to include the “I just made this up, don’t know if it’s true” fine print. I also love how I can delve into my imagination anytime I want to and see anything I can imagine and make it play with the world around me. I love that I have a depth of feeling and yet a calmness that pervades it. Most of all, I love that I can relate to awesome people such as yourselves.” ~ J.H.

“My deep understanding of the motivations behind people’s behaviors makes me a better counselor and writer.” ~ T.P.

“I love being a ‘rare’ type, it feels special lol. And I also love being a dreamer, and being able to get a sense on people. I can usually tell who’s going to be a good match for myself, friendship wise, in a few minutes. Whether we’re going to be good friends, friends, acquaintances….or if we’re just not going to get along. Not to mention, being able to sniff out the good in damaged characters in tv/movies/books….leads to an awesome sense of justification later!” ~A.D.

 “I love being so introspective and able to keep myself company. I also love being so empathetic, and being able to read motive. I love being able to take something vague and make it something specific. And, I love being so idealistic. They say it makes for disappointment. But, I think it gives you a good sense of worth. Gives you the ability to decipher what is and isn’t worth your time.” ~D.C.

 “I love creativity – I can’t think of anything that could even come close to it other than love itself. I love seeing beauty in small unexpected things and patterns everywhere (especially in nature). I love being passionate romantic and spiritual and feeling the whole spectrum of emotions more deeply than others (kind of hate this as well :/) I love being comfortable being by myself and not relying on others, I love being able to read and understand people easily and being the special confidant they sometimes need. I love my imagination and dreams. There’s definitely great and bad things either side.” ~ D.J.

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