REVIEW: Think Like A Man (2012)

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I wasn’t surprised that Think Like A Man, the new romantic comedy based on Steve Harvey’s relationship advice book hit theatres last week and shined like a watch tower at sea. With a cast of actors that were some all time favorites and a few fresh faces, this movie made me walk out smiling, feeling the same way I did the first time I saw The Best Man and Two Can Play That Game. In essence, it was definitely time for another film like this.

Michael Ealy, Gabrielle Union, Taraji Henson, Meagan Good, Jeremy Ferrara, Romany Malco and Kevin Hart lead the cast in stellar performances as a group of lovers and friends whose relationship goals are as different as they come. Harvey’s book, Think Like A Man, Act Like A Lady,  is the catalyst for the cast as the women follow Harvey’s advice in order to get the results they desire from men, most notably, commitment.

While I am not an advocate of teaching women that they have to WORK to receive the ever elusive wedding ring, I understand that most people think in these terms which is why Harvey’s book and this movie were a hit.

With cameos by the delicious Chris Brown and the awesome Wendy Williams, the cast was robust with Black star power that reminded me of a modern day Grease. I actually started singing Summer Nights as two of the characters, recounted their meeting to their friends.

Kevin Hart’s signature brand of comedy relayed well into his acting style and many in the theatre felt that he stole the show. I’ll admit watching him perform initiated a bit of deja vu as I happened upon one of his other films, 35 and Ticking, a few weeks ago on Netflix. Hart literally plays the exact same character he did in 35 and Ticking; Thankfully he was enjoyable in both.

Although the movie trailors and previews seemed to pit one sex against the other, from my vantage point, the movie depicted the reality of relationships in real life, the women lead and the men follow, all in pursuit of the ‘cookie’.

Real life lessons that speak to deciding if what we think we want is actually what we need, were taught with precision by Taraji Henson’s character, a beautiful COO who meets an unemployed prep cook played by Michael Ealy. Yet, this promiscuous reviewer could not roll her eyes enough as the 90-Day Rule girl, portrayed by Meagan Good actually got the reaction she wanted from her love interest, played by Romany Malco and all she had to do was withold sex.

Although many self appointed critics around the web berate Harvey for his less than ideal romantic history, his failures have proved his success and he may be right about his central ideas concerning relations with men. All of the women who played the game his way got exactly what they wanted in the end.

If you want a man to commit, make him chase you, demand his best behavior and be willing to leave him if he is not being the best man he can be. In other words, you need to train him. Apparently, they like that.

Will I ever watch it again? Probably not. Was it worth the admission and price of nachos? Oh yes. A delightful hour and a half is promised to you if you take the time to see this film.

My only question is, why the hell is a commitment from a man such a highly regarded prize? They’re chasing the ‘cookie’ while we’re still chasing the fantasy.

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