Mindfulness Inspiration- You are HERE

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Have you ever found yourself dazed and confused by life? The whirlwind of decisions, responses and consequences, both present and imagined can place a strain on your mind that can leave you stuck.

How do you become unstuck during a particularly trying situation where you can’t seem to THINK your way out? The answer is simple, yet so complex that you’ll have to follow this arrow.

My Savvy Sisters


In this moment, there is no future and there is no past. In this moment, your problem is not solved but it has not completely damaged you. In this moment, you are breathing. You are reading this screen. You are wearing clothes. You can wiggle your toes.

In this moment you are learning. In this moment you the wind is blowing. In this moment you can hear sound around you. In this moment you can feel an itch on your leg. In this moment, you are HERE.

You are HERE.

Right now you are in a position to see through the fog of your situation. Your head is clearing up. The pressure is easing up. Right now you understand that there is a solution to your problem. Right now you understand that what you perceive as a problem is simply an exercise to help you build your mental muscles and survival skill set.

Right now you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that no matter what may come of the situation you are in, you will not break. Nothing can completely devastate you or debilitate you, not even death.

You are HERE.

In this moment. In this moment you are not afraid. The bomb hasn’t gone off. The switch hasn’t been hit. You are in this moment and in this moment you are fine.

You are fine.

You are HERE.

Right now.

Stay here.

Stay in this moment. Every moment. Be in this moment. And the next.

In every moment, be in the moment never thinking too far ahead or diving back into your past. Your past and your future are both illusions. You decide what they are by what you decide to focus on or think about. Your life story is your choice. Your predictions for your future are your choice. You do not have to choose a story of tragedy and despair.

Choose today to be HERE.

In this moment. Every moment.

The next moment will have its own distinct flavor, its own distinct sound.

You are HERE. And being HERE is necessary. Let the old moment pass and the new moment begin. Drink it in. Inhale it. It will be gone soon.

In each moment, RESPECT it because it is a part of your journey. Nothing is permanent. Your journey will never end. Respect this moment and allow it to carry you to the next.


And being HERE right now, has its own magic.

Just look around and take stock of where you are. Any minute now, any moment, at any given chance, this moment will be just a memory.

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