Reader Mail: We Have The Right To Forgive Ourselves

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Hello Te-Erika,

My name is Rev. Brenita Mitchell. I am a workshop specialist currently working with men and women with HIV/AIDS and recovering substance abusers. I recently facilitated a workshop with women living with the virus.

I created a role-play with a court scene that features a women named beautiful who was accused of having unprotected sex and costing the state and tax payers money. She plead guilty, and awaited her sentence. Finally, the jurors gave Beautiful a sentence of “forgiveness.”

I wrote out the words to your self-forgiveness meditation on youtube (I cited your information) and had the women playing Beautiful read it when the judge asked her was there something she wanted to say. Well, the women playing Beautiful could hardly get through it without other participants holding her up. I just want to tell you that the words, deeply blessed all the women in the workshop, and tears poured out as Beautiful read them.

Thank you for writing such inspirational words. Funny, you just never know what God will use to bless, and God used your gift of words to bless a group of women that needed to know they have the right to forgive themselves and live a life free from shame, guilt and self-disgust. Thank you for sharing your gift for writing, and may God continue to bless and shine God’s light on the work of your hands.

Blessings and Peace,

Rev. Brenita

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