How To Fit In

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It’s not an easy task to find your place in this world. It’s more common to look to those around you and try to imitate their lifestyles, hoping that using them as guides will bring you peace.

Taking this route may bring a sense of fulfillment for a while as you go down your bucket list, checking things off and feeling good about yourself. Hopefully, you won’t have to compromise too much of who you are to live a life like this.

For other women, the mere thought of living out someone else’s dream seems like a nightmare within itself. You may fumble and fight trying to figure out what to want and you find yourself time and time again, in situations that you know do not suit your personality or tastes. The people you surround yourself seem to be living in a dream world, happily playing roles assigned to them. You can’t seem to get into your role and you wonder what’s wrong with you. All you want to do is fit in somewhere, somehow.

You search and you search and you can’t find that place. You dutifully earn your degrees. You get married. You have children. You vacation in Hawaii. You have long lunches with girlfriends who complain about their lives as though it is a competition to see who has it worst. You’re sick of it. All you want is to find your place in this world- your real place.

How To Fit In

You must first understand that you won’t fit into a “normal” life. If you were meant to do this, you would have already.

There is a place for you to fill. There is something special for you to do. There is someone out there who needs you, yet, you may not find that place immediately.

You don’t fit in because you were not meant to. You are different and that carries its own weight. There are people who exist who are similar to you. They are waiting to meet you but they are on their own journey to accepting themselves “as is” as they learn that it is not important to conform to others expectations of who you should be.

This is your journey. Once it is completed, you will find yourself rising to meet an elite class of individuals who share similar ideals and understand your path, your present and where you are headed. You want more than what you see around you and you will have that.

First, you have to learn to appreciate your differences and celebrate them. By doing this you will begin your ascension.


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