How To Find The Answer To All of Life’s Questions

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What is the purpose of life?
What happens when we die?
What is love?
What does it mean to be successful?
Do I really have to be married to be happy?
Is my purpose as a woman to have children?
Is it wrong to fall in love with the same sex?
Is Karma real?

Life would make more sense if there were definitive answers to every question. The concept of ‘Truth’ is subjective simply because everything we know about life is made up. How so? Think about the fact that at the beginning of time, before we had this modern society, language was created to help organize and build so that we could relate to each other.

We all had to sit down and agree that certain things would be called by certain names; this is a TABLE. We all had to agree that a TABLE would be used in a certain way; this table is for eating meals.

Do you see what I am saying? Most of what you believe to be TRUTH is only TRUE because people thousands of years ago decided to establish it as a truth. Most of the expectations you have for your life were set by a bunch ancient dead guys too, yet you cower in disappointment when your life doesn’t match up with the timeline they invented to give people purpose and establish order.

If this all sounds like hogwash, it’s okay. It’s likely you are seeking some sort of direction in life and I’m here to help. There are 3 distinct ways to find every answer to every question about life. You can choose which method of guidance you take and have fun with the answers you receive. Here’s how.

1. Ask your friends and family

You can ask your friends and family for those all important questions about life that you’ve been pondering. I’m sure your big brother, in all of his infinite wisdom, knows the real truth. Or maybe your mother can direct you. If you choose this direction for guidance you are demonstrating that you believe with age comes wisdom, which may be true. People you seek out for wisdom and guidance will be flattered by your obedience to their opinions, yet, they won’t really respect you.

The downside to seeking answers to life’s questions from friends and family is the fact that you become a puppet to their opinions and influence. Every person is guided by their own set of preferences which you do not have to adopt in order to achieve your own version of success.

2. Turn To Religion
Religion has been a vibrant guiding force for centuries. You can find many of the answers to life’s questions when you seek the guide book from any religion you choose or were introduced to. With absolute faith in them, they do provide a certain level of peace of mind and comfort.

The downside to seeking answer’s to life’s questions from religion is the fact that many religions were created by men who simply made up answers so that those with less brain power had to figure it out. You could go with those answers created to pacify your quest for an infinite truth but you’re really just swallowing the fairy tales made up centuries ago.

3. Create Your Own Answers

This one is the most difficult of the three options. It means you have to think for yourself and actually own up to the decisions you make about the answers to life. This is a beautiful choice because you never have to accept the beliefs of others if they don’t appeal or make sense to you. Most people won’t choose this option because they don’t trust themselves enough to create the rules for their own lives and that’s okay.

The downside to creating your own answers to life’s questions is the fact that everyone will think you are crazy. People will create prayer circles for you, hold interventions and even alienate you socially if you dare to think for yourself. Most people are so comfortable with their inherited beliefs that challenging these so called TRUTHS or watching you do it will shatter their belief that they are living life correctly and that’s all people really want to do; we want to get life RIGHT.

So there you have it; 3 sure fire ways to find the answers to all of life’s questions. Let me know which one you choose and how it works out for you.

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