The Fool Proof Method To Choose A New Career

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Starting over in life is inevitable. Sometimes you will experience a loss that forces you to take a new direction and sometimes you will feel a nudge from your intuition that a new beginning is on its way. Whether you are dealing with the challenge of starting over by choice or by force, you may not have a clue what to do next.

Well there is one simple way for you to decide what new direction you should take when it comes to a new career. Once you ask yourself this simple question you will experience an AHA moment that may change your life.

Are you ready?

Do not ask yourself, “What is my passion?”

Instead ask yourself, “What do others keep asking me to do?”

Kendra was in the midst of a mid life transition. She had no clue about what type of business to begin but she had just received a lump sum of funds from a distant relative and she knew that the best way to make her money grow would be to begin a business.

Instead of investing in a get rich quick scheme, she searched her heart for a solution. When none came, she was frustrated and sad that she had no idea. In the meantime her phone would ring off the hook with people asking for advice about her fashion sense and wardrobe choices. Kendra was a fashionista and creating amazing outfits was something that came second nature to her.

She never really considered making it a career until someone asked if they could pay her to go shopping with them. That is when she had an epiphany.

Kendra ended up offering her services as a fashion makeover consultant and now travels the country helping women to reinvent themselves.

So what about you?

What is that people won’t leave you alone about?

They are asking for your help because they recognize the gift in you that you do not.

You already have your answer. Now you have to learn how to monetize your gift.

The door is open. Walk right on in.

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