7 Tips For Dating An Introvert

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Give them time to get to know you.

When you approach an introvert, don’t be pushy or ask for personal information too quickly. An introvert won’t want to share their life story right away with a complete stranger and they won’t want to know your entire life story on the first meeting.

Plan one on one activities

Surprise your introverted crush with plenty of activities that are centered around staying IN instead of rowdy nights on the town. If your introvert feels comfortable being alone with you, it is very likely that
they will find you endearing.


Share stories about your friends

Before introducing your introvert to your friends, spend time telling them stories about them so they will feel like they know them and will have developed an active interest in actually meeting them. An introvert won’t want to meet anyone, they don’t know anything about and will appear to be cold and uninterested if you try to introduce them to your friends too soon.

Show off in the bedroom

Have as much fun as you can while in the bedroom with your introvert. Because they do not develop relationships quickly and easily, showing off in the bedroom will probably shock and surprise them because they have not had many experiences. Use blind folds, try tickling as foreplay, whip out the can of whip cream and delight them with your quirky sexual prowess.
Allow them to hold the car keys

When inviting your introvert out to a party, allow them to drive or hold your keys. Reassure them before you go out that it’s okay to leave whenever they want to. This will make them feel comfortable enough to head out on the town with you.


Offer a gift that they can enjoy alone.

Be patient when your introvert wants to spend a weekend alone. To really delight your introvert, drop off a movie or a book that you know they will enjoy and don’t ever press about enjoying it with them. They will feel that you are Santa Clause and you will be on their mind as they enjoy your gift all alone.


Create a signal for leaving an event

Choose a safe word when you’re with your introvert so they can alert you when they are feeling overwhelmed emotionally. When they say “Pumpkin” you’ll be able to whisk them away to a quiet place so they can recharge. Your silence during this time is appreciated. Offer hugs instead.


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