Te-Erika’s Diary: I Delivered My First In-Person Tarot Reading Tonight

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I am too excited!

For the past few days I have been working in OVERDRIVE doing free readings online after I ordered a deck of tarot cards. They were fun to do and I got to practice what it would be like to do a real reading. For the most part, everyone said I was accurate. I did get 3 people who said it wasn’t accurate but out of about 20 readings, that is good!

This morning I woke up and decided to do in-person readings. There are lots of people who walk up and down my block at night so I knew that I would be able to at least ask people to try it out, for a donation.

I went to the store and I bought a multi-colored globe whose lights twirl when I plug it in.  I also bought some incense, a glass vase and I made a sign that read: Tarot Reading $5 Donation (For Entertainment Purposes Only). Well, my roommate Marcello drew it for me, I just bought the posterboard! LOL

The first person I read for asked about her love life. The second person I read for asked the same thing. The cards gave different answers for both, telling one client that she needed to be cautious with that person and telling another that she should follow the decision that she is trying to reject. It said that the issue with the 2nd girl’s relationship surrounds her family. Either her family is influencing it or it is influencing her family.

The 2nd girl squealed and then started crying. It turns out that her family had given her an ultimatum, either dump her boyfriend or don’t talk to them anymore. She said that she loved him so much more than any other man in the world and she is crazy in love.

“The kind of love that make you wanna tattoo his name on your chest?” I asked her.

She laughed, “YES!”

“Enjoy that!” I told her.

The most interesting point came when a couple sat down to have their cards read. They said it was their first date. I told them congratulations.

When I asked them what question they had for their angels, the woman spoke up and said, “Tell me about HIM,” pointing to her date. “Is he a good fit for me?”

I did my prayer, asked her to touch the cards so they could feel her energy and I asked her angels to come whisper in my ear the right words she needed to hear.

Then I shuffled the card and gave her a 3 card spread. I picked up the cards, stared at the pictures and the pictures spoke to me. I relayed the information just the way I heard it but the guy was SITTING RIGHT THERE and the cards told her to keep her options open. I wanted to NOT say it, but I did. I had to say what the cards read.

After I was finished with her, she suggested that he take a turn.  I asked his angels to tell me if she was a good match for him. The cards showed me that he really liked her and was planning to be with her but that he should slow down and treat himself well, care for himself a bit more. They also told him that with her, it was best to relax and nurture her because she has been through some recent pain and she needs a friend more than anything right now.

They both sat there in shock. They left me a BIG tip and I learned not to EVER do a reading with a couple at the same time again.

But I had a GREAT TIME! I made $46 in 3 hours. This is going to be a great way to raise money for The Rebuild Your Life Project Grant For Women. I think I’m WINNING!

I can not believe how well that went! I loved every minute of it!


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