A Spiritual Correction

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Do you believe in the divine nature of life?

Do you believe that you are being guided toward your best life by a force much more powerful than yourself?

If so then it may be wise to view your life’s losses as much more than tragedies.

Say you were walking down the street toward a specific destination. You were following the instructions you received from a friend although your intuition kept telling you that you were going the wrong way. You were confused by this conflict but you stayed the course, trying to reach your destination.

There were signs along the way that told you that you were not in the right place. The streets were shabby and unwelcoming. The people you met were complete opposites from the people you find peace and comfort with. The air was dense and polluted yet, when you checked the directions on the paper in your hand, you were headed the right way.

Could your friend have steered you wrong?

Do you have the courage to turn back and find your own way?

You decide you would rather place your trust in your friend’s instructions because she said it worked for her, so you continue on.

Soon, you come across a snarling dog. It’s teeth are as yellow as the sun and its eyes are bulging from its head. You freeze. The dog is blocking your path. If you have to turn back you won’t know which way to go next. Your friend’s instructions didn’t come with a detour.

The dog takes a few steps toward you and you take a few steps backward. Before you can blink twice the dog lunges at you, causing you to drop your instructions and run the other way blindly darting to the left and the right, looking for refuge.

You find refuge behind an old building. You wait and listen for the dog’s growl. You hear none. You stand up and look around. This new place is quite unfamiliar to you. You have no instructions. You have nowhere to go.

Why did that dog deter you from your path?

It was a necessary SPIRITUAL CORRECTION.

You KNEW you were not supposed to be headed in that direction but you ignored your intuition and kept going anyway, trusting your friend over your own inner guidance. That dog’s near fatal attack was the only sign that would wake you up and force you back onto the right path.

Now you are lost in wonderland with no instructions and you have no choice but to listen to your inner self as it faithfully leads the way.

In life there are no real losses because you can not lose anything that belongs to you by divine right. If something falls away, it is because it was not meant for you to hold on to any longer. If you are traumatically snatched away from something (or someone) it may be because it was not where you were supposed to be at that time.

From our limited perspective of life, we can not see how our story unfolds one chapter after another adding to our life’s culmination. We will never know. All we can do is trust in the divine wisdom and stand firm, no matter where it may lead us.

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