6 Warning Signs That Your Boss Is Trying to Fire You

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Getting FiredYou keep getting written up for things that everyone does like taking an extra 5 minutes on your break or visiting your colleagues in their offices.


training_classA new trainee class is brought in when there hasn’t been a new trainee class in more than 6 months.


Team Meeting ExclusionYour team forgets to invite you to team meetings.


No Eye ContactAll of a sudden, your boss or co workers won’t look you in the eye.



One on one trainingA team member asks you to teach them the details of your position.


Signs You Might Be Getting Fired

Your boss insults you in such a way that has never happened before, prompting you to want to quit.


Take heart, my dear one. Being fired is not the end of the world. It’s natural to panic under the threat of your income being taken away. Take the time to panic, mourn and throw a pity party, but don’t do it until after you hear the final word.

Under no circumstances should you ever quit your job if you suspect that you are going to be fired. Allow them to fire you so that you can claim unemployment and understand that no matter what happens, you will survive being fired from your job. Life is a never ending cycle of gains and losses. Allow the transition to happen and open your eyes to see what is next on your journey.

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