3 Ways To Overcome Late Night Anxiety

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It’s the middle of the night. You can’t sleep. You’re being tormented by evil thoughts.

Every single critical word that has ever been uttered to you is replaying itself over and over in your mind. The most hurtful words are the ones you’ve said to yourself. You’re trying to rest, to stop the fluttering of your heart and to calm your mind but even those images that appear after your consciousness fades is alarming. It seems as though your entire being is being overtaken by demons intent on torturing you with threat of permanent failure and self disgust.

What can you do when the late night anxiety attacks become overwhelming?

1. Call the crisis hotline. You are in an emotional crisis when your problems seem bigger than any solution and your brain is pressing you to fix everything at once. It is during this emotional state that many consider taking action to end their lives and their problems once and for all. You do not have to allow things to progress this far. There are crisis hotlines available 24 hours a day to talk you through any emotional downturn.

Use them.

2. Stand up to the tormenting thoughts. Your negative thoughts are powerful. For some reason, the promise of failure and humiliation far outweighs the possibility of abundance and favor. These thoughts which can be viewed as demonic thoughts are not as powerful as you are. You can stand up to these thoughts if you are emotionally healthy by recognizing each thought and searching for an exception.

If the demonic thought is- No one ever likes me. I never get a second date.

Take a moment to remember the ONE time where this thought simply wasn’t true. There are exceptions to every rule and you WILL find one.

Stand up to the thought by saying: That is not true. Bill liked me in 10th grade, in fact he loved me. I am loveable.

Find the exception to each demonic thought and say, “No, this isn’t true.”

3. Allow the turmoil to play out. This is the most difficult method to try to tame your anxiety attack because during the darkest hours of the night, the minutes roll by slowly and if you are not strong enough emotionally you will feel forced to take action to stop the thoughts which will become physically hurtful to you.

Our stressful thoughts of anxiety become physically debilitating and to ease the physical pain, we seek relief from drugs, alcohol or other self abusive methods.

If you can learn to ride the wave of the anxiety attack, understanding that it is just that, a wave. It is a moment in time. It is not permanent. It is not a defining moment in your life. It is not the end of your story.

Your thought at this moment do not dictate your future. These thoughts are a last ditch attempt to persuade you that you are not worthy to have the life of your dreams. The only time you will experience the images and thoughts you are having during your anxiety attack is right now.

These scenes, worries and fears will never play out in your real life.

Relax. This is the warped part of your movie where you get to see the alternate ending that will not come true. These anxious thoughts are not real. They are fiction. They are entertaining. They will pass.

This will be over soon.

Allow each thought to float in and to float out. Feel the emotion behind each scenario that is causing you anxiety. All of these feelings and thought will end. You will be even more clear when they do. You will be okay. These thoughts do not define you. These fearful scenes do not define your life. This is not real. This is a passing moment.

It will be over soon. Wait and see.

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