How NOT To Handle Rejection

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girl-410334_640You’re hurting because someone you really like doesn’t like you back. I understand. We’ve all been there. You’ve been rejected and it stings worse than having a toothache. You don’t really know how to handle all of the pain you’re feeling right now and your immediate impulse may be to cause the person who rejected you the same amount of pain that you are feeling BUT I want to help you to refocus right now.

No matter how hurt you may be right now, do not do these things! STOP! REFOCUS!

Don’t Bust the windows out of their car. Or try to fight them. Or kill them. Or set their house on fire. Or key their car.
Do Find a way to channel your physical aggression, boxing class, cleaning, running, going out dancing

Don’t take out your frustrations on others by yelling, being mean and rude,
Do CRY, have a pity party, write about your feelings

Don’t show up to places where the person will be to make them see what they have been missing. This is called STALKING. Don’t be that crazy chick.
DO find new places to go to so that you can create new memories for yourself

Don’t show up to their job to demand an answer to why they rejected you.
Do focus on creating a new way to earn income. Set a goal of $100 income outside of your normal wages and see how you can create that legally.

Don’t plot to destroy their lives.
DO decide that you will go on with yours. The best revenge is being happy without them.

Don’t send them heartfelt text messages/emails telling them how much they hurt you.
Do find a karaoke spot and sing the saddest songs you have ever heard or have your own concert in your room

Don’t take the rejection as a sign that something is wrong with you
DO understand that people have lots of reasons for rejecting others, past experiences, beliefs, standards, fear, customs and other commitments.

Don’t drive by their house at night to see if they have company.
DO make plans with other people, co workers or ask someone else out on a date. Create a new goal for yourself. Challenge yourself to lose weight, build muscle or to conquer a fear. The key is to shift your focus onto something you can do without the help of others.

Don’t decide that every person who looks like them or smells like them will reject you too.
DO understand that we are all unique spirits living inside of these shells called bodies. Not everyone who has a similar shell has a similar spirit BUT sometimes those who have similar lifestyles, physical features (gym rats) and interests aren’t a good match for you so it’s okay to try someone completely different.

Don’t berate yourself or beat yourself up for liking the person and giving love a chance.
DO try again. Just not right away. Give yourself time to mourn and break the limbic connection between you. It is a energetic connection

Don’t believe that this was your only chance at love and happiness.
There is NEVER only one way to achieve a goal or in this case, experience a certain feeling. It’s not the exact person you really want, it is an experience you are looking for, a feeling you want, of being loved, cared for, cherished, honored, admired.

If you want to listen to me explain these tips in detail, watch the video below.

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