Te-Erika’s Diary: My First MeetUp.Com Event

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In an effort to spread my wings I have officially become a participant instead of a voyeur on MeetUp.Com. Tonight I went to an event hosted by a group of Black women.

Because I have social anxiety (and I am a bit weird) I was a little apprehensive about meeting new people. I think living in my last shared housing soured me on meeting people but I went anyway. This group of women were all new to LA and interested in being connected, sharing stories and watching one of their favorite shows, Scandal.

Since I had never seen Scandal before and really had no interest I was the odd woman out. But I watched and I could kind of see why women are into this soap opera. I have no interest in watching it again but it was a cool evening that allowed me to practice socializing.

Before I went I told myself- Just be yourself. People will probably be averse to your perspectives but you can’t change who you are.

So I did.

And it doesn’t matter if I don’t make any real friends from this because I’m not a group person but I did enjoy hearing about all of the events that they attend and how much fun they have socializing. It felt really GREAT to just be myself completely, not shrink back or care at all how others perceived me.

I hope to go again and get to know them a little better, but if not, I’m okay with that.

It was great to be around women who take care of themselves again. That last shared housing I lived in was filled with people dependent on government assistance, lounging around doing nothing, really shook my faith in humanity.

But that’s over.

I’m in a new neighborhood and there are many more new perspectives to come.


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