My Savvy Sister of The Week- LaShanda Henry

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LaShanda Henry
Greenville, North Carolina

LaShanda Henry owns over 15 web properties with an interest in developing positive websites for people of color.She also offers her services as both a web developer and marketing coach to online entrepreneurs. Today she is a widely respected figure among African American women, a success story among success stories that no female internet entrepreneur is afraid to admit that she has studied and gained wisdom from.

Her passion for teaching women how to prosper began as an attempt to fill a void. “I felt there was a need for more positive reflections of black women online, which lead me to launch Multiple Shades of You Online,” LaShanda shares. “As I worked on MSOY I began developing other websites, which attracted attention. Eventually others began asking me to develop websites for them or answer their marketing questions, which lead to me transition into the service industry and the rest is history.”

This ‘history’ tells the fascinating tale of a woman whose approachable demeanor and clear cut teaching acumen has propelled her toward an unimaginable success. In order to make her dream of becoming a entrepreneur come true, LaShanda took a risk that changed her life forever.

Leaving my job and my home in New York and moving to North Carolina was a huge challenge for me,” she admits. “I made about $500 the 1st month I worked at home in NC. I felt truly blessed when I printed the 1st issue of SistaSense In Print Magazine and talked about my $5 to $50,000 transformation because that was a hard road to travel. For me the key to growth was being in tune to feedback; when people asked me for a service I learned how to turn questions into new income streams. I also researched internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and Adsense all of which helped to subsidize my monthly income and help it grow.”

LaShanda believes self motivation is at the heart of all of her work, “If you can’t self motivate yourself to get things done through fear, doubt, judgment, procrastination and all the other things that can possibly stand in your way, you will find that you never really get anything done. Self motivation is the key.”

One of the benefits of running an online empire, LaShanda believes, is her ability to be a stay at home Mom. “The best part of working at home is being accessible to my son and being able to travel and work from anywhere,” LaShanda says. “The down side of being your own BOSS is there is no clock-out time, so balancing family and business is an on-going challenge that I face.”

Most women will never realize their dream of entrepreneurship because they face unnamed fears about losing everything. LaShanda aggressively attacks this fear every day. “You have to fight your fear,” she says. “I have had so many times when I tried something new and I was so scared my stomach was in knots. Right now I am working on my new local socials and sometimes I get so anxious I want to say, ‘forget it!’ We are always going to be afraid to some degree, but the truth is that your next level begins where your comfort level ends. If you don’t fight the fear, how will you get to a place where you can reap the rewards?”

To learn more about LaShanda Henry and her amazing work please visit her latest venture SistaSense.Com.

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