When Will My Life Shift?

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It’s a fairly standard desire to want to move forward in life. In fact, progression is the very thing that adds hope and excitement to our existence. We want to change, we want to grow and we want to see improvement, new experiences and just- more.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to experience different things throughout your life. Our world is vast and complex and there is so much to explore. Waiting on the shift is something different altogether. If you’re the type of person who has to be forced to make a change, the catalyst for your shift will often be loss. You don’t have to wait around to lose what you have to create a shift in your life. You can do one of two things to create the shift you want.

1) Create the space for the shift. This means letting go of things that you want to shift on your own. Instead of waiting to be fired, quit your job. If you want a new relationship, let go of the one you have. If you have a desire to move to a new city, sell your things and get ready.

When you de-clutter your life and remove things on your own, not only do you have the power of the knowledge that you are leading your life, you also get to decide when and how it happens instead of simply reacting to circumstances and feeling like a victim.

2) Be willing NOT to shift. This method is very tricky but it always works for me. Whenever I am frustrated over the lack of my progress, I tend to sink into a very deep depression. The only way I can manage to work my way out of it is to decide that it’s okay if I never progress.

Yes, that seems very counter productive because we are taught that we have to work hard, never give up and be relentless toward our goals but if you have been doing that for years and years and grinding every day and you still don’t feel that you have progressed enough, it is time to relax, take care of yourself and understand that you are not your circumstances, you are not your career, you are NOT your bank balance.

You must be willing to NOT have what you want in order to receive it. Why does this method work for me? It works because in that place of surrender to what I have created in my life so far, I release all the feelings of angst and disdain that I am holding against myself and once again, I focus on appreciating what I have done so far.

When you can stop focusing on what you MUST DO NEXT, you can clearly see where you are and how far you’ve come. Once you can get to the point of complete gratitude for where you are and the effort you’ve put in so far, for some reason, the windows of opportunity open themselves wide and there you go- your escalator to your next level in life.

This happens to me every single time I go through the frustration of what I perceive as stagnation and then through teary eyes decide that I am okay where I am. As soon as I do that- POOF- I move on.

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