3 Ways to Get Rid of the “Other Woman”

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There she is.

It’s her. The ONE who’s trying to steal your boyfriend. Or maybe she’s the ONE who keeps getting all the parts you audition for. She could be the ONE who has the life you always wanted.

However she showed up in your life, you want her GONE and I understand completely. But- Before you develop an ulcer trying to figure out how to get her OUT of your life, try these 3 options instead of going to jail.


Kill Her

You don’t have to buy a gun to do this. You can kill her anytime you want to by letting go of your need to compete with her. If your boyfriend can be stolen, allow her to have him. If she wins every award you are up for, be okay with second place.

Let her win. That’s right. Be okay with allowing her to have the best spot, the love you believe you deserve and the best of things in life. It’s all fiction, anyway. She has nothing on you except for your admiration and your belief that she is better than you are. You can kill her by putting up a wall in your imagination and not allowing her lifestyle to impact your perspective of your own.


Befriend Her

If you can walk up to her and invite her to have coffee, please do so. Yes, I said it. Face your fear of her by getting to know her. If you can do this, you will:

1. Release the shackles of your hatred and jealousy

2. Begin to understand that she is a human being with flaws and fears  just like you

3. Pick up a few pointers to help improve yourself in the areas you believe are lacking.


Accept Her

The real issue behind your hatred for her and fear of her is your inability to believe that there is an unlimited amount of happiness in this world. You feel as though you have to compete for satisfaction. You also feel as though your worth is tied to achieving your goals, being admired and being the best in your social circle. It’s not.

If you truly want to get rid of this “other woman” you will need to sit down and have a heart to heart with her. You don’t have to do this with her in person, you just need to talk with yourself.

In case you haven’t noticed, she is a part of you. What irks you about her is the fact that she has something you want; something you believe you deserve. You’re not really missing anything because all that she has to achieve her goals and get what she wants, is also within you.

She only exists because you are paying so much attention to her.  She needs you to unite with her in order for her to go away. You can only unite with her by recognizing those things in her that you want for yourself and then accepting that they are already there.

There is no need to hate another woman. There is no need to try to sabotage her success. There is no need to compete for men. You have no reason to ever feel less than, again.

Walk your path. Walk it your way. Nothing is permanent.

Let everyone else walk their own path. There is no need to imitate or envy others because there is no such definition of “better”. Your current path and lifestyle is what is best for you. Be okay with that. It’s okay.


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