Scholarships For Savvy Women

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Free Scholarship Information Service:

Financial Aid search through the web:



Princeton review:


The CollegeBoard:


International Service and Travel Center: (See they hide thid stuff)

IUPUI Scholarship and Awards:

The Financial Aid Resource Center:

Now for the more specific ones………I’m going to give just the Title and then the address to save my fingers and arms. And please these titles are in the book–I am not making these up—and I will not be held accountable. Ah, heck, if you want to go ahead.


Full Tuition Scholarships from Microsoft:

$1,000 for Minorities in Science and Engineering:

Women in Science and Engineering Scholarship:

Scholarships for Mature Women

Scholarships for Health Majors:

Every one knows they are scholarships so I am just going to put what they are for.

FOR Composers:

for Family of Fleet Reserve:

$1000 For Smart Women pursuing Science Majors:

$1500 for Children of Air Force Members:

Up to $5000 forLibrary Science Graduate Students:

Garden Club Awards up to $4000 a year:

Money for Physical Therapy Doctoral Students:

up to $1500 for Federal Employees and Dependents:

American Dietetic Association Foundation Scholarship Program:

$2000 for Women over 35 Pursuing below Graduate Level Education:

Up to $5000 for Health Information Management:

Up to $10,000 for RN’s to Pursue Graduate Nursing Education:

$1000 for Students interested in Medical Assisting:

Medical and Dental Assistant Studies:

$1000 for a woman in Surveying and Mapping:

Money for Law Librarians:

$500 for Masters and Doctoral Level Health Education:

Money for Women Builders:

Creative Mothers can Win Money:

$2000 for Civil Engineers:

$250-$1500 for full time Food Majors:

Creative Women over 35 are Eligible for $1000 award:

Bright Broadcasters Eligible for $1250-$5000:

$1000 for Women in Advanced Agriculture or Horticulture Study:

Contact Women’s National Farm and garden Association, Inc.,3801 Riverview Terrace S.,E. Chinatownship, MI 48054

Up to $1500 for Veternarian Students:

$1000 available for technical Communication students:

Money available for Business Majors:

Scholarships $2000 and up for Physician Assistants Students:

Scholarship from Coca Cola:

$500-$2500 Available for Architectural Students:

Lots of Opportunities for Orthopedic Nurses:


ELKS National Foundation Scholarship:

$1500 for students Pursuing Critical Care:

$500-1500 available to Court Reporting Students:

Up to $12,500 Gants available for English Teachers:

College Tuition from NSA:

RN could win $3000 toward Occupational Health Education:

$1000-20000 for Manufacturing Engineering Students:

$3000- Adio Engineers:

1000 – 5000 for Smart Women Engineers:

Money for Therapist:

Opportunities available for Funeral Service Scholarship:

Pharmacy Students:

School Librarian Media $2500 Scholarship:

Communication Science Graduate students-$4000:

Women Music Majors-$300:


National Security Related Careers:

1000 for Women in Business or Economic Education:

Scholarships for Daughters of Career Officers:

John L. Carey Scholarship:

Contact—– American Institute of Certified Public Accountants(AICPA), 1211 Avenue of the Americas, NY,NY 10036-8775 phone 212-596-6200

Students of the Earth and Sky:

High School Seniors with Inter-Scholastic Sports-2500-:

Students who have Hearing Impairment or Loss:

Young Black Women Scholarship:

1000-2000 for spouses and Children of Blind Veterns Scholarship:

Junior Miss Competition Rewards Winners with College Scholarships:

Industrial Engineering $4000:

Chemistry Students 500-2000 (for women in Iowa):


Fellowships & Grants for Advancement Of Women In Society: (applications downloadableAugust 1 through mid-January only)

Scholarships for Lutheran Women:


Female Jocks:

Smart Science Majors(women):

1500 for Engineering Students (Women & Minority):

Aspiring Journalists, Up to 5000 (Minority):

Broadcast Journalism Majors 1000-10000:

6000 for Women pursuing Sports Administration:

1500 for Medical andDental Students (especially of Chinese decent):

Jackie Robison Foundation( up to 6000)(for students of color) I wonder what color?:

500-2000 Presbyterian Church Members;

1000 for Females with a Love of Flying:

Contact Nancy Horton “Touch the Face of God” Scholarship, 4466 N.E. 91stAve. Portland, Or, 97220-5024

1000-2500 for Students Studying Real Estate(Minority):

Roothbert Fund (2000-3000):

eMAIL– Phone 212-870-3116

Up to 4,000 for Female Medical Students:

$750.00 for Geoscience Thesis work:

$5000 for training in field of Water Supply and Treatment:

For joining AFROTC:

$1000 for Women Statiscians:

For Spouce or Children of EOD officer or technician:

Presidential Freedom Scholarships:

For Midwives to be:

$500-$2500 Ohio Engineering Majors:

Up to $2500 for Respiratory care Majors:

For Women Accountants:

For a Total of $15000 for Women Accounting Majors:

Human Resource Majors:

Money for Latinas:

$1000 for Reall Estate Appraisers:



AT&T Labs Fellowship Program for Women and Minorities in Science& Tech:

$500 – $1500 for SMART Business Women:

UP to $1000 for Legally Blind Students:

More for Smart Business Women:

$500 for Meteorologist and atmospheric Science Majors:

UP to $4000 for Nuclear Scientists and Nuclear Engineers:

4500-$3500 for Smart New York Women:

$20,000 for SCUBA DIVERS:

$1000-$4000 for Smart Engineering Women(as apposed to dumb?):

$1000 for Smart Journalism Women:

$1000 for Daughters of Penelope:

Up to $500 for Activists at CUNY:

Up to 2000 for Women in Broadcasting:

$1000 for Landscape Architects:

500-1000-for KAPP KAPP GAMMA Women: (would have never guessed it!)

1000 for Medical women:

1000 for Smart California Women:

Contact–Amaranth Funds Awards, california Mason Foundation, 1111 California St. San francisco, CA 94109

1500 for the Top 10 College Women:

California Women; Studying Business, education, healthcare, law enforcement, or Social service:

Contact Governor’s conference for Women, A Call to Action, Office of the Governor, 300 S. Spring St.16th flr,Los Angeles, Ca90013

Up to$10,000 for Young Women:

Amateur Athletes:

Women of Oregon:

Women Ministers:

Contact–Disciples of Christ Church,P.O. Box 1986, Indianapolis, IN 46206 Phone 317-262-8517

Up to 1000 for Sheep(undergaduates who are studying agriculture, animal science, veterinarymedicine, or animal husbandry):

500 for Teaching in Oregon:

Over 2,000,000.00 available for Farmers:

1000 for Broadcasting in Oregon or Washington:

Up to 13500 & Tuition for Smart Graduate Students:

Dietetic Technicians:

Up to 1500 for Dental Hygienists:

Money for Internet Teams:

$2500 for NURSES:

Up to $10,000 for Hanicapped Musicians:

Up to $11000 for Women from Developing Countries:

Up to 5000 for Food Service Experience:

$6000 for the Health Therapy Profession:

1000 for Oregon High School Students:

1000’s for the students with Norwegian Interest:

2500 for returning Students:

Money for Texas Women Returniing to School:

Up to 5000 for Nevada Women:

Up to 3.5 MILLIon for young Women:

Contact American Young women of the Year Program, P.O. Box 2786, Mobile, Alabama 36652

1000 for young Feminists:

Money for Arkansas Single Parents:

Money for Palo Alto, California Women:

Up to 1000 for Women in Hunterdon County, New Jersey:

Contact Hunterdon Women’s Fund, P.O. Box 183, flemington, NJ o8822

Money for Women ( and Men):

Money for Mennonite Women:

Graphic Communicatrion Majors:

Money for talented Deaf Women:

$2000 for deaf graduate Women (Same address as above)

More Money for Deaf Women:

$1000 for Naval Academy Children and Women:

Future Home Makers:

Money for Smart Women:

Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association Schloarships:

McDonald’s USA Scholarships:

Ham Radio Women Operators:

Hotel Women, up to 2000:

500.00 for Homeschooled Californians:

California Rea; Estate Students get up to 2000:

Architectural Women in California, up to 2500:

Money for Welding Women:

Connecticut Construction Women, Up to 2000:

Up to 2500 for DEDCA Women:

Money for Petroleum Women (1500):

Women in Dental , up to 1000:

Up to 10,000 for Heating ans Air Conditioning:

1500 for Dafety Engineers:

Luthern Women in Mental Retardation( I’m not touching that):

Up to 2000 for Black Nurses:

Michigan Nurses:

Up to 3000 for ONCOLOGY Nurses:

Up to 2000 for Logistics:

Composers, up to 5000:

Parapsychology Students:

Demolay Members:

Non-Commissioned Officers Assodiation Members:

Up to 1000 for Jewelry and gems ( Gemology Field)(not for buying):

Girls Club members:

Reader’s Digest Foundation, Reader’s Digest Rd.,Pleasantville, NY 10570-7000 Phone 914-244-5370

Royal Neighbors(Gee):

1000 for Sculpture: (who would have thunk)

Maine Women:

10,000 for NON-traditional Michigan Women:

Hawaiian Women:

Contact; Kilohana United Methodist church,5829 Mahimahi, Honolulu HI 96821 ph 808-373-3373

Vermont Women:

Louisiana Residents:

Contact- Willis & MildredPellerin Foundation, P.O. Box 400 Kenner,LA 70063-0400

NON-Traditional Native Americans:

1000 for Luthern Women:

Flight Attendants:

New Hamphire Women:

Asian Pacific Women in Los Angeles:

Asian Pacific Women’s Network, p.O. Box86995. Los Angeles, CA 90014 ph 213-891-6040

Chinese American Women, Up to1500:

Chinese-American Educational Foundation, P.O. Box728, San Mateo, CA94401-0728

Southern California Women:

College Women’s Club of Pasadena, Scholarship foundation, P.O. Box452, Pasadena, CA91102


Baptist Acteens(?):

1000 foe African American Church of christ Women:

up to 5000 for RHODE ISLAND Women:

New Mexico Women:

2,500 for HOME ans WORKSHOP Writers:

National Association of Home and Workshop Writers c/o Frank Brugmeier Company, 7501 Wood streamTerrace, North Syracuse, NY 13212-1921 ph 315-458-0291


Massachusetts BAPTIST Women:

American Baptist Women’s Ministries of Massachusetts, 20 Milto St.,Dedham,MA. 02026-2967 ph 781320-8100

African American Women ( only offered on even-numbered years):

National Association of Colored Women’sClubs, 5808 16th St., N.W.,Washington D.C., 20011-2898 ph 202-726-2044

10,000 for NEW YORK Women in COMMUNICATIONS:

Theater Women, Up to 1500:

Lotta M. Crabtree trust, 11 Beacon St., Site 1005, Boston, MA 02108 ph 617-742-5920


Jewelry Women up to 5,000:

1500 for Minnesota Nurses:

Minnesota League for Nursing, 5806 Cambridge St., St. Louis Park, MN 55416-5115 ph 952-829-5891

Holistic Women:

1000 for California Nurses:

Hispanic Nurses:

^ to2500 for Jewish Women in Washington, DC:

Wisconsin Nurses:

^ to 3000 for Travel and Tourism Women:

Women Grocers, 1000 or more(?):

Women Grocers of America, 1825 Samuel Morse Dr., Reston, kVA 20190-5317

$5000 for those with Diabetes:

^ to 10,000 for Government & Public Poicy Women:

Grand Rapids, Michigan Women:

Chiropractic women:

Graduate Historical Women, 2000:

State Historian at State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 816 State St., Madison, WI 53706 ph 608-264-6400

Ron Brown Scholar Program (for African-American):

Native American Women in the Humanities:

D’arcy McNickle center for AmericanIndian History, 60 W. Walton St., chicago, Il. 60610-3380 ph 312-255-3564

Mental Health Women:

National Association of State MentalHealth Program Directors Research Insitute,Noel A.Mazade PhD. Exec Director, 66 Canal CenterPlaza, Suite 302, Alexandria, VA 22314 ph 703-739-9333

And They wonder Why we don’t ask, you fall asleep by the time you get to the end!


Horatio Alger National Scholarship Program:

^ to 5000 for Environmental Public Policy Women:

Sports Journalism Women:

Political Science Women in Maryland:

Lavinia Engle Scholarship Foundation, c/o Judith Heimann, 6900 Marbury Rd., Bethesda, MD. 20817 ph 301-229-4647

Unitarian Women:

Aviation Women in Los Angeles, 1000:

San Fernando valley Ninety-Nine’s , P.O.Box 7142 Van Nuys, Ca 91409 ph 818-989-0081

^ to 10,000 for TEXAS Women:

^ to 2000 for NURSING:

^ to 5000 for Ethics Women:

^ to 3000 for Women in Technology:

1000 for Pennsylvania Journalism Women:

Communications Women in New York, 1000:

New Yourk State Legion Press Association, P.O.Box 1239, Syracuse, NY 13201-1239

^ to 10,000 for Educcation Women in Delaware: (hi fred)

Vocational Women in Minnesota, 1000:

Minnesota Federation of teachers, Scholarship Committee, 168Aurora Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55103 ph651-227-8583

^ to 4000 for Journalism Women:

F. Ward Just ScholarshipFoundation, c/o Kennedy, 805 BalwinAve.Apt,308, Waukegan, Il.60085-2359 ph 312-680-7002

^ to 13000 for SCUBA DIVING Women:


Clinical Laboratory Technology Women, 1000:

International Society for Clinical Laboratory Techmology, 917 Locust St., Suite 1100, St. Louis, MO 63101-1413

2500 for LESBIAN Women:

^ to 10,000 for Community Service Women: (and Men) or

Connecticut women:

Elisha Leavenworth foundation, 35 Park pl. Waterbury, CT 06702


To Study Farming, 1000:

1000 for Seattle Women in Service to the Homeless:

^ to 1500 for Wives of Overseas Active Duty Service Members:

Graduate Women in Lesbian Studies or Jewish Women Studies (?):

Delaware Women Over Age of 20: ( I swear I not fooling with you, that’s the listing)

Washington DC Women in Communications:

Saginaw, Michigan Women:

Culinary Women in Maine, 1000:

^ to 1500 for Georgia Women:

William E. Cooper Scholarship, GA,9002, 999 Peachtree St., Suite 1100,Altlanta,GA 30309 ph 866-300-1641

^ to 2500 for Northern Virginia Women:

Scholarships Help Graduate Nursing Students Continue Education:

Foundation of the Alumnae association of Mount Sinai Hospital School of Nursing, Inc., 1 Gustave L. Levy Pl., new York, NY 10029 ph 212-289-5575

That’s it for now, but I will keep looking.


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