Mixed Chicks Sues Sally Beauty & Wins $8.5 Million For Infringement

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According to The Corporate Counsel, the creators of the ever popular hair care product for racially mixed hair, Mixed Chicks has won a law suit against Sally Beauty Supply, offering a payout of $8.5 Million.

Mixed Chicks Owners 2

The owners, Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge, who created their business in 2004, launched the hair care line because they felt that their particular strand of hair was often ignored by the hair care industry. As the two grew their business, they were approached by Sally Beauty Supply with an offer to distribute their product. After careful review of the offer the independent business women declined the offer but were later shocked to learn that Sally Beauty had begun offering an eerily similar product called Mixed Silk, that caused their customers to be confused about the brand.

After a two year battle in court, whereby both Levy and Etheredge refused to accept a settlement, a hearing before a jury proved that Sally Beauty Supply willfully and intentionally infringed on the Mixed Chicks brand by copying its likeness, texture, bottling and scent. The jury awarded the company $8.5 Million in damages.

What a great payday! Thank you for standing up for your brand!

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