Live In a Multi-Million Dollar Home For Half-Price

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While on your way to building a great life for yourself, you may want to get a taste of it right now. How can you do that? Try becoming a Home Manager for a staging company.

A staging company adds the live in look to homes that are on the market to be sold. They also have home managers to actually live in the house for a fraction of the cost of renting it just so when they show the home it will have a warm and inviting feel to it.

There are of course, a few catches.

  • You have to have enough of your own furniture to fill the entire house.
  • You have to leave in the event that the house is being shown.
  • You have to move out once the house is sold and you can never return again.

If you’re okay with house sitting for millionaires, you’ll love this gig!

Take a look at the application process and see if it fits you!


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