Editorial: You Don’t Need A King To Be A Queen

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Last week the Commonwealth broke a lifetime tradition of overlooking women born into royal families as appropriate heirs to the throne. The leaders of the 16 realms that have the Queen as their head of state unanimously agreed to change the rules of succession during a meeting in Perth, Australia. This means that if a woman is the first born of a royal family, then she has the right to rule the land instead of the family waiting for a son to be born to inherit the crown.

In essence, we no longer need a King to be a Queen. Women can now rule respectfully in public, although we have been doing it behind the scenes for centuries.

Although the exact time frame that this change will go into effect in the Commonwealth is uncertain, the ramifications of such a decision is only the preamble to the upheaval of the destructive patriarchal societies that deem women as subordinate to their male counterparts.

Take a look at what is happening in the world. There is a world war against females that has long since been swept under the rug under the guise of tradition. Families in China and India are being forced to kill their female newborns in a blantant act of gendercide. Women in Africa are still being forced to undergo female circumcision. Major religions continue to reinforce the idea that a man is the superior and should dominate the woman.

Why is this happening? One word- FEAR.

Why would men fear women? It’s simple, they know what we are capable of. There is no other reason why humanity as a whole, developing under extremely polar beliefs, traditions and cultures across 7 different continents would elect to produce such damning propaganda that brainwashes people to believe that women are the weaker sex.

Why did Hitler convince an entire country that the Jews were unfit to live? He did it because he was angry and bitter that certain people in the Jewish community were prospering in areas that he felt he couldn’t.

Why did slave masters use armor and weapons and then even more damaging tactics like subjugating Africans mentally to instill a self hatred that has shackled an entire race at its core? They did it because they saw what the Africans were capable of. Without the need for greed, status or world dominance, there existed a people who were content with their way of life and accomplished mighty feats without interference from outsiders.

Why is there a war on women? What is it about us that provokes men to create doctrines and call it spiritual LAW or create traditions and call it PROPER which teaches us that our primary roles should involve childbearing, submission and housework?

We are smart. We are strong. We are female.

If we are capable of rearing and supporting the men who call themselves great, then that seed of greatness begins within us. As we push through deconstruction of of our patriarchal societies, we will begin to notice an inner shift that defies definition and translates into a deeper level of existence for mankind. Our vaginas do not make us weak. Our breasts do not shackle our potential. Our soft hands do not equate to weakness.

The strength of a woman can no longer be denied. This small landmark achievement should not be ignored. Although we don’t need a council of men to acknowledge our worth or give us permission to rule this amendment by the Commonwealth is just the first drop out of the faucet for women everywhere who need to learn that we do not deserve nor desire to be second rate.

Take your rightful place on the throne, my Queens.

All My Love,


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