Millionaire Women Prefer Dating Millionaire Men, Study Shows

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LOS ANGELES, CA — (September 23, 2013) — In a random sample of nearly 15,000 survey respondents from the luxury dating site, a new survey reveals that millionaire men are much more likely to seek out non-millionaires; only 8.2% preferred millionaires and 12.2% had no preference either way. But, interestingly, 84.5% of millionaire women prefer to date other millionaires.

How do millionaires differ in their dating habits? Do they have different expectations or requirements? Are there gender differences? “We were very surprised to learn that the great majority of our male millionaire members sought non-millionaires,” said Darren Shuster, PR Representative for MillionaireMatch.Com. “It seems that financially independent men want to share their wealth with those less fortunate. With women, the story is much different.”

After looking at the data more closely, it seems there is a difference across genders. The majority of our female millionaire members prefer other millionaires and only 6.1% had no preference either way.

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The Myth of ‘Dating Down’?

What drives millionaires to date non-millionaires? The most popular responses had to do with dating ‘somebody who appreciates things’ and ‘enjoying younger, attractive women’. Many of these millionaire men don’t want to date a ‘bossy, middle-aged millionaire’ if they have the financial resources to do otherwise.

For women, the story is just the opposite. One female member who is worth more than $100 million dollars (Verified Member) is looking for other “Verified Millionaires only” and is “not looking to take care of anybody.”


What Are Women Thinking?

Since the majority of millionaire women prefer to date millionaires, we asked why. One female member said it was a matter of ‘finding a partner with resources’ and ‘not carrying the whole financial burden’. The majority of responses had to do more with ‘staying in control’ of their finances.


To Prenup or Not To Prenup: Male vs. Female Millionaires

Surprisingly, only 17.4% of millionaire men respondents said they would “insist on a prenuptial agreement” if they were to marry. Male respondents didn’t seem overly concerned about needing to protect their wealth with younger, sexier non-millionaires, while 82.3% of millionaire women said they would “insist on a prenuptial agreement.”

Does this mean that millionaire men are more willing to share their wealth without the fear of needing to protect their wealth? Does this mean that millionaire women expect their partners to contribute financially on the same level while seeking to protect their own wealth? Sure looks that way.



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