She’s Got Skillz: Heather Fay

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Heather Fay

New Haven, CT

Wife, Mother and Musician

Heather Fay caught the singing bug when she was just a little girl and her family and friends watched in delight as she developed her skill eventually venturing into songwriting. After teaching herself how to play the guitar Heather became a one woman band and continues to cultivate her love for creating music while enjoying the roles of wife and mother.

“The most amazing benefit from being a singer/songwriter is that I can share music with my children,” Heather says. “I have been singing to my kids since I was pregnant with them and they continue to be my biggest inspiration both for songwriting and life in general. My daughter loves to sing and play the piano while I practice my songs and my son, at just over a year, already sings and dances whenever he hears me play. I love that I have been able to share my love of music with them and watch them develop their own love of it.”

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