Creating A New Beginning

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It’s time. You’re ready. You can begin today. In order to move forward from the mess of your past you must choose a new beginning. For different people this will mean different things but the process to initiating this important goal is the same for everyone.

Forgive Yourself

There were certain choices you made that you weren’t so proud of. It may be that you have characteristics that you wish you could change or maybe you hurt someone or yourself and you have been riddled with guilt ever since. It is very important that you take this moment to …forgive yourself. You do not have to get it right every time. Life is a learning process. You are allowed to get it wrong sometimes. You are allowed to grow and evolve into a more mature person. That mistake you thought you made, wasn’t your last chance to get it right. Do it again. Make a different decision. It’s okay. You are still okay. You have another chance. Forgive yourself.


Decide That Everything Is A Good Thing

Your perception of events and circumstances is truly up to you. You give definition to what is deemed ‘good’ or ‘bad’. You define it. You decide that (insert situation) is a BAD situation. You can also decide that (insert circumstance) is a GOOD circumstance. It is all in your perception of your life. Do you believe that you have the best future ahead of you and today is just a building block toward that? If you don’t believe that, you may start now. Every belief is a choice. If you believe you are doomed forever, you will be. Decide that everything that happens is a GOOD thing. For all you know, that job loss may be setting you up to march into your brightest destiny. In fact, IT IS! I promise you. Nothing that happens permanently damages your future. You can still create the best life for yourself through ANY situation. Everything that happens and has happened in your past…is a GOOD thing. You can STOP being a victim of life if you choose. How can you be a victim if everything is a good thing? Make your choice today.


Create Miracles Everyday

There are certain people who go through life believing that everything is an omen of death and destruction. They lead very limited existences, dodging intimacy with others, searching for validation for their destructive beliefs. They find it in everything too. Their car breaks down and they break down with it. A treasured friend walks out of their life and they immediately believe they are un loveable. If it is so easy to believe in omens of disaster, you can certainly believe that everything is a miracle and search for your personal miracles everyday. Miracles don’t have to be equated with parting the red sea or a tree growing in the desert. Miracles are the blessings you receive when you need them. Miracles happen in each smiling face you encounter, in each act of love you share. Your entire life is a miracle. You wake up. You use your body. You think, speak and hope. Who put all of those functions together? Your ability to breathe is a miracle. Your life is a miracle. Look out for them, everyday in everything.Honor them in every way you can. Understand that you create more miracles by acknowledging the ones that are already there.

You have a certain kind of magic within you. You may now go forth as a new person, with a new perspective and change your destiny.

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