A Woman’s Greatest Power

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You, my dear lady, hold the key to satisfaction and progress. You, my dear lady, have always possessed this power. Your greatest power does not coincide with your ability to maintain a certain weight. It does not hinge on your financial net worth. It is not impacted by how many men you can mesmerize with your beauty.

A woman’s greatest power, YOUR greatest power, is in your choice and RIGHT to say NO.

When you can make a firm decision for your life and decide which direction you will take based on your own best interests, you hold the power. When you decide that you will stand alone versus strict compliance with how others say you should live, you hold the power. You have the power to walk away, to stand firm and to raise your fist.

Who can make a better decision for your life than you can? You have the power and the RIGHT to say NO to what you don’t want and say YES to what you do want.

You have the power to say No and take action against:

1. Anyone who is trying to manipulate you or coerce you into doing something you do not want to do.

2. A relationship that is not uplifting or beneficial to your life.

3. A pregnancy or children.

4. An invitation to socialize.

5. Any judgmental statement.

6. A sexual advance.

7. A job offer or career path that will not take you where you want to go.

8. A request to HELP.

9. Anyone’s opinion about how you should dress, speak or behave.

10. A request to change your hair or weight.


There is no better judge for your life than you are. Stand up and walk in your power to say NO. You own it!

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